letter to the editor

Time for a change?

Mon, 09/14/2020 - 4:00pm

Dear Editor:

I live in the beautiful town of Edgecomb. I moved to Edgecomb 15 years ago because my wife and I wanted to have kids. We wanted our kids (like most) to go to a good school. We researched and found the town of Edgecomb offered an amazing school. That’s just one of things that young families look for when moving ... they look for a really good school. I’ve supported Edgecomb Eddy since we moved here. I’m proud to say both my boys have been through Edgecomb Eddy and it was a great experience!Edgecomb Eddy and its children are the heart of Edgecomb!

Our selectmen Mike Smith said to the school board, “I appreciate your long-term planning, but this year really isn’t the right year for it.” When is the right year? When you run a business you look to the future … you plan. Not only do I have boys in the local school system. I’m also a local business owner.

Selectmen Ted Hugger said he believed the Aug. 29 vote should have sent a message to the school committee. Hugger said, “Townspeople for years have told us they can’t afford the taxes. I’ve heard this for all five years I’ve been a selectmen.”

Now you have to understand Ted doesn’t have kids in Edgecomb Eddy. Ted also failed to mention the townspeople that understand how important the school is to this town. How the school, year after year, has worked hard jump starting a new pre-school program and increasing enrollment. Ira, the new principal, and staff have done an amazing job.

Now, I ask Ted and Mike, do you hear me? I’m a resident. I not only moved here for the school, I also moved here knowing we had a fund set aside for water access. Water access for the townspeople. It’s been years and I believe if Mike Smith believed in “long-term planning,” we as a town would have a plan.

Maybe it’s time for a town audit? Maybe it’s time for change.

Michael Gaffney