From the assistant editor

Something in common

Wed, 09/23/2020 - 8:45am

Whatever your political leanings and Constitutional interpretations, it was classy of Wiscasset to react to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death with a vigil of music and candlelight on the common. I reiterate my past observation, this town is good at being part of the national experience, including when that experience is mourning.

Pandemic or no, residents found a way to remember this judicial branch icon, example for women in what they can achieve, and example for all as she fought cancer over the years.

And the Boothbay region’s supporters of President Trump really turned out on the water, again pandemic or no, for a planned boat parade that turned out to be the same weekend. The two were unrelated, near in time due only to happenstance, but they had that sense of national experience in common. We have seen the Trump parades elsewhere in the nation. This was the peninsula’s turn.

Support whichever timing of the Supreme Court appointment you feel is right; be glad for, or cringe at, big signs for one Presidential or U.S. Senate nominee or another. But keep paying attention as all our towns prepare to have their say in these national elections.

Week’s positive parting thought: With the Patriots and Tom Brady’s Buccaneers at 1-1 each, now it’s getting interesting!