letter to the editor

Support candidates working to stem climate change

Mon, 01/10/2022 - 2:45pm

Dear Editor:

The climate crisis is an existential threat that will define Maine’s future. According to the Maine Climate Council, Maine is exceptionally vulnerable to the impacts of climate change as the temperature of the Gulf of Maine continues to increase faster than almost any other body of water. Sea level rise is already posing problems for coastal communities and further rises will wipe out the infrastructure of many coastal communities. Both increases in water temperature and damage to working waterfronts will be disastrous for Maine’s lobster industry. Changes in weather patterns will be very hard on our agricultural sector and will also negatively impact the tourist industry.

Governor Janet Mills and Democratic legislators have shown a proven track record in supporting actions to address the climate crisis, unlike the years under Paul LePage, who denied climate change and rejected the development of renewable energy. Maine has made excellent progress on fighting climate change since Governor Mills came into office; we can’t afford to go back to the dark ages of climate change denial.

Next fall, when you go to the polls, please remember which candidates have taken effective action to address the biggest issue facing Mainers, and which candidates were willing to instead support the profits of the fossil fuel companies and big business. Our children’s future will depend on how we vote.

Jim Hatch