County signs deal with Colby & Gale for emergency assistance

Fri, 11/18/2022 - 1:00pm

    Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency Assistant Director Maury Prentiss filled in for Director Casey Stevens Nov. 15 and greeted commissioners with an atypical greeting. “I have one thing, and it won’t cost you a thing,” he said. Prentiss presented commissioners with a proposal for a possible fuel shortage this winter. Prentiss reported the agency had negotiated an agreement with Colby & Gale to keep public safety and other critical infrastructure operational, if a fuel shortage materializes. “Colby & Gale has the largest infrastructure supply in Lincoln County, and is very community oriented,” he said. “We have a fuel supply coordination agreement with them and I am looking to see if you would allow the director to sign on the county’s behalf.” 

    Commissioners voted 2-0 to approve the emergency agreement.

    In other action, Two Bridges Regional Jail Authority is collaborating with other prisons in Maine Prosecutorial District 6 in housing prisoners. For four months, the jails have reassigned prisoners to meet each’s resources. Sheriff Todd Brackett told commissioners the trial may be extended. “There is more creativity with inmate locations. Knox is taking care of most females,  and we have more in general populations,” he said. “This allows us to close down the special management unit and reassign staff to general population.” 

    The creativity has allowed TBRJ to accept more prisoners from Penobscot County, Brackett said. The trial has been so successful, Brackett and County Administrator Carrie Kipfer hope it is extended in January. “We are looking to continue this. The four counties are looking to hire a consultant, and make this permanent,” Kipfer said. She added any jail agreement would need all four county commissioner boards’ approval. 

    Communications Director Tara Doe reported two more dispatchers submitted their resignations. One is reserve Alexander Slagle. He previously worked full-time, but left for another public safety job. “He is now settled in his new position and no longer has time to serve as a reservist. So he asked to have his name removed,” Doe said. 

    Christi Krause is the second resignation. She was in the training program, but decided “the position wasn’t for her,” according to Doe. Commissioners reached an annual service agreement with RCM, Inc. (Radio Communications Management) of Portland. RCM receives $31,520 for servicing county communication towers, equipment maintenance and upgrade services. “The agreement makes us a priority if something should happen,” Kipfer said. “It pays for expenses we are already paying, and they will provide both on- and off-site system monitoring.”   

    Commissioners extended a service agreement with Burgess Technology Service of Bath for county and Two Bridges Regional Jail Authority computer systems. The deal calls for a monthly $3,950  payment which is a 3% increase. “By partnering with the jail, we both get a better deal,” Kipfer said.

    Commissioners meet next at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 6 in the courthouse.