Letter to the editor

St. Philip’s ‘in need’

Mon, 03/20/2023 - 3:30pm

Dear Editor:

Just what is it all worth, and just who is it all for?

What do you do when food insecurity knocks at your door?

There’s a place in Wiscasset some don’t know well,

And those that do know, don’t often tell –

A place for the needy, and for the weary,

And for those who on a daily basis worry

About the next meal they and their families may eat.

Just what this place does is an incredible feat

What is the worth of one small congregation

In the midst of all our world’s tribulation –

Throughout the pandemic and everything else,

There has always been St. Philip’s’ “Help Yourself Shelf”

And also our bargain basement, let us not forget,

Where clothing and household needs are met

For pennies on a dollar you can get

Clothing on the cheap, with funds left for rent.

With doors that are always open to all

And hearts that care when you stumble or fall,

A little place in Wiscasset town

That can lift you up when you are down.

Just what is it all worth and who is it all for?

What would it cost if it had to close its doors?

How many schoolchildren’s lives would it affect,

Without the “Backpack Program” food and supplies they get?

Yes, what is it worth and who is it for?

This place called St. Philip’s that I love and adore.

How many lives have we helped and changed?

If our doors closed, what help would remain?

Just who would take up all of the slack,

And who would have these families’ backs?

Yet, we who would rather give than receive,

It is now we, ourselves, who are in need.

What is it worth and who is it all for?

So much good has been done behind our red doors.

But we need your help now – and we also need to know

What’s it worth to this community for the love we show?

Timothy Cowing