Maine Board of Optometry in support of DPRF-05, LR 146

Thu, 06/01/2023 - 7:45am

    Thomas Nadeau, OD, as president of the Maine Board of Optometry, addressed The Health Coverage, Insurance and Financial Services Committee of the Maine State Legislature on May 23.

    Nadeau spoke in support of DPRF-05, LR 146 An act to Repeal and Replace the Laws regarding the Optometry Practices. He stated that the Board deems it necessary to bring the law of optometry current with the evolutions of practice. Optometry is a regulated profession. 

    “How we practice, everything we do professionally, must be authorized by our optometric law,” Nadeau said. “The bills address issues if licensure, continuing education, levels of licensure, standards of care, minimum standards for eye exam, enhancing enforcement capability, and adding section for telemedicine, licensure by endorsement, succession in practice, and closure of practice.”