From the Editor

DV and the roundabout

Posted:  Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - 10:15am

I would like to commend my colleague, Lisa Kristoff, who has led the charge at the newspaper for over a decade to inform the public about domestic violence (DV). In years past (pre-website), she wrote numerous articles on the different kinds of DV — from marital abuse, to teen dating abuse, to giving the public all the important telephone numbers they could use to report DV, the effect DV has on children, and much more. She joined the local Domestic Abuse Prevention Council, learned a lot about the subject and has spread her knowledge throughout the community. In our years of having a free website, she has published a yearly resource page during October, which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The page has a wealth of information on DV. If you want to learn about DV, be sure to click on this year’s DVA banner on the opening page of our websites.

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There was an accident in the roundabout on Tuesday. It might have been the first but it probably won’t be the last. Here are some tips offered by the MDOT about roundabouts (sent to us by a reader). Slow down – roundabouts are built to slow down traffic; Pay attention to visual clues like signs and road markings; Don’t try to pass another vehicle in the roundabout; Signal that you are making a right-hand turn; Always yield to pedestrians and bicycles; Do not stop in the roundabout – you might get hit from behind; Be sure to check your rearview and right-side mirrors before exiting the roundabout. For more information, visit the MDOT website.