From the Assistant Editor

Snow angel

Posted:  Wednesday, December 20, 2017 - 7:15am

I tried all week to get a picture of Kendall Chick. I wanted us all to be able to see the little girl in life whose death has left a weight on Wiscasset’s heart over the past week.

I thought a picture would help honor her and put a face to the child so many have come to care about and mourn, even though we didn’t know her.

Usually in a homicide case, family members, friends or others publicly share photos from the victim’s life. The pictures help to honor the person who leaves behind children, grandchildren, or who will never graduate college or kindergarten, due to someone else’s alleged horrible, irreversible act.

Photos might surface any time, and hopefully will. 

But we don’t have to picture Kendall Chick to honor her. Candles were planned to be lit Wednesday night, Dec. 20 outside Wiscasset Community Center. And other simple acts can say, “We remember you, Kendall.” Volunteer at a school. Give to a children’s charity in Kendall Chick’s memory. Work with your children on their homework.

Make a snow angel for Kendall Chick. I did. Send us a picture of yours at or text me it at 844-4633.