From the Assistant Editor


Posted:  Wednesday, March 7, 2018 - 7:00am

Leave it to sports to give us something to cheer about when politics local and elsewhere are running hot over referendums, lawsuits and more; and sometimes in the sports arena, there is respite from the worst the news can deliver.

We noted here a year ago, after Sam Strozier’s junior year of wrestling, he had made Wiscasset proud. He did it again this year, going out his senior year big with a trip to New Englands where he won half his matches against his fellow top high school athletes. That was impressive, as much for Strozier’s dedication that got him there as for the feat of winning at that level.

So to, can we take pride in a sports success story from another local school, Wiscasset Christian Academy, in the middle of town and now at the top of the Athletics Christian Education League in volleyball. The title was a team effort and in part a family one, including for Coach Julie Jones.

These athletic accomplishments carry local meaning and bring enjoyment. And coming when they did, they gave area residents a break from the last days of a contentious political winter over the state’s downtown project, Wiscasset’s lawsuit and Alna’s school choice referendum that, unlike most of Alna’s politics, has grabbed the attention of people outside Alna.

Moreover, again due to the timing, these athletes’ wonderful experiences they and their families have shared with us gave us all something purely happy to talk about following the nation’s latest school shooting massacre and the political swirl around it. We need to give it our attention and keep sharing our opinions, but it is also good to have moments of just being, for sports or whatever we enjoy. Normalcy doesn't mean forgetting or giving up.

Similar to a time-out on the playing field, taking time out from the most serious matters helps give perspective and a fresh mind to make the best decisions.

Congratulations to WCA’s Lady Minutemen; to Strozier on a remarkable career as WMHS’s lone wrestler; to WMHS for showing support and school spirit with the very nice surprise pep rally for him; and to Wiscasset and Regional School Unit 1 for nodding a Morse-Wiscasset team this season. Well done, all.