10 Edgecomb Eddy sixth graders graduate

Sat, 06/15/2024 - 8:45am

Ten Edgecomb Eddy School sixth graders are now graduates. On June 14, Shannon Adkins, Peytyn Alexander, Mayson Blake, Ariel Doan, Benjamin Hodgdon, Skyler Hyson, Micah Perry, Eben Robinson, Curtis Spofford and Jimiah Stetson received diplomas during a ceremony held in the school gymnasium.

Principal Tom Landberg welcomed the community to the ceremony and thanked them for being a part of graduates’ educational experience. “We’ve come here to celebrate so many great memories for our graduates who have grown so much. We are grateful for your continued community support,” he said. Landberg also encouraged the graduates not to forget their time at Edgecomb Eddy. “It is so important to remember all your relationships with peers and caring adults here at the school. Your beliefs and thoughts were shaped here at Edgecomb Eddy,” he said.

Landberg also listed the sixth graders’ accomplishments during the final year: supporting cafeteria staff during breakfast, providing transitions for younger students, raising the flag and morning announcements, assisting with first grade reading groups and supporting the office staff. “There is also a multitude of kindness, leadership, and helpfulness from this group. So it’s my pleasure to welcome you into your next chapter of your educational journey,” he said.

Graduates received gifts from the lower grades. Sally Monroe’s pre-kindergarteners presented them with Crayon stars from their used crayons. “Remember no matter where you are you are bold, bright, dazzling Edgecomb Eddy stars,” she said.

Rachael Kellogg’s kindergarteners gave graduates a scroll with words of wisdom and knowledge. “In kindergarten, there is a lot of learning. So, we will give you the ABC’s of wisdom and knowledge,” she said. “E: every day have fun. J: just smile.”

Dr. Ryan Patrie’s first graders gave graduates the school’s traditional gift of a stuffed owl. He described owls as representing knowledge and wisdom. He urged graduates to carry what they learned into the future. He also advised, “No. 1 be who you are. No. 2, give a hoot.”

Jennifer Gosselin’s second graders made pouches filled with reminders of their time at the Eddy school. One item was sea glass. “The ocean smooths sea glass, and this represents what you have yet to discover about yourself as every experience will smooth your edges, and shape your character.”

Third grader Adeline Boucher and teacher Michelle Fortin presented sunglasses. “Because your future is so bright, you ‘gotta’ wear shades,” Boucher said.

Sarah Currier’s fourth grade class gave poppers filled with inspirational messages. “These special messages and drawings are to remind you of your days at Edgecomb Eddy,” she said. One message is “A wise person once said ‘Learning depends on many things, but mostly on you.’”

Dr. Katharine Race’s fifth grade class made mortarboards for graduates. This year, the mortarboards were customized to represent graduates’ characteristics. “Eben’s (Robinson) favorite drink is Mountain Dew so there is a can on his. Shannon’s (Adkins) has a lot of lace because she is classy,” she said. 

Adkins was one of four students who made remarks. “I will miss this school so much. I never would have thought in first grade I would be here with so many wonderful people,” she said. Blake spoke about experiencing good and bad times with his classmates. “We experienced bad, COVID-19, and good, camping at Chewonki. And we did it all together,” he said. Stetson said she would “miss this school.” Hyson thanked all of her teachers, especially Race, who helped her to reach grade level in mathematics.

The graduates were all recognized for their special characteristics: Adkins (ambition), Alexander (adaptability), Blake (imagination), Doan (generosity), Hodgdon, (charisma), Hyson (diligence), Perry (inventiveness), Robinson (practicality), Spofford (dependability) and Stetson (creativity).

Doan received The Academic Award. Dr. Race said Doan made great strides between his fifth and sixth grade years. “She doesn’t advocate or celebrate her success, but she found her voice, and earned this award,” she said.

Stetson received The Eddy Arts Award. Music teacher Heather Chouinard remembered being a substitute teacher three years ago and witnessing Stetson’s talent. “I was just blown away. I thank her for sharing her gift,” she said. 

The Sara Leone Outstanding Citizenship Award went to two students. Spofford and Doan shared the honor. Gosselin had Leone in her class 20 years ago. “The award goes to the student who shares the same characteristics of Sara: kindness, compassion, openness, character, enthusiasm for life and, above all, thoughtfulness,” she said.