April property transfers

Wed, 06/30/2021 - 12:00pm

Lincoln County Registry of Deeds provided the following information on property transfers recorded in April:

Alna: Davis Roswell T. Tr., Davis Rebecca S. Tr., Roswell and Rebecca Davis Living Trust and Davis Roswell and Rebecca Living Trust to Hidu, James and Hidu, Deborah B.; Russell, Beverly L. to Childers Properties LLC.

Boothbay: Meadow Cove and Meadow Cove Partnership to Nieuwveld, Matthijs P. and Nieuwveld, Lisa B.; Holbrook, Michael E. to Burnham, Lisa Ann; Tomacelli, Michael E. Jr. and Tomacelli, Lois C. to McDowell, Donald A. and McDowell, Danette S.; Blumin Family Trust, Blumin, David H. Tr. and Blumin, Karen T. Tr. to Richards, Lee E. and Richards, Jennifer W.; Cross, Jacob M. to Hodgdon, Caleb B.; Reardon, Kellie G. P R and Greenleaf, Stuart E. Est. to Flowers, James and Flowers, Heidi H.; Stevens, Glenn P. to Doucette, Matthew A. and Faught, Jeanne H.; Barter, Craig E.  to Nearn, Mary C.; Mesrobian, Alexander to Fox, Jennifer McGinn and Fox, Timothy R.; Dalton, Arthur R. II and Conner, Sarah A. H. to Hussey, Jaime and Maguire, Adam;  Russell, Robert D. to Russell, Robert D. and Kaser, Elizabeth; L&L Concepts LLC to Paschall, Dawson Reed and Bird, Mariko Lee; Smith, Ralph C. and Smith, Elena G. to McEldowney, Margaret and McEldowney, Brooke; Dubois, Jacqueline P. to Livingston, William M.; McCullough, Katherine P R and McCullough, D. Scott Est. to Campbell, Scott A.; 22 Old Stonewall Road LLC to Carroll, Sean; Sherman, David B. and Sherman, Deanna S. to Sherman, Deanna S.; Sherman, Deanna S. to Sherman, David B., Sherman, David B. Tr., Deanna S. Sherman 2020 Revocable Trust and Sherman, Deanna S. 2020 Revocable Trust.

Boothbay Harbor: Mutch, Alice N. and Mutch, Andrew II to Mallen, Michael A.; Gates, Sandra L. to Gates, Barry D. and Angelico, Betsy L.; Cochran, Carole C. to Tischer, Tracy C.; Ferrell, Roger and Ferrell, Caroline to Brasseur, Heather and Brasseur, Johnathon; Cladis, Harrison M., Cladis, Lisa H. and Hamblen, Susanne G. to Whiting, Harriet J. and Irwin, John P. III; Greenleaf, Albert L. and Greenleaf, Cleo R. to Smith, Ralph C II and Smith, Elena G.; Goes, Joaquim I. and Gomes, Helga Do Rosario to Dannels, Mark D.; Makovsky, Michael Steven to Makovsky, Michael Steven Tr., Michael Steven Makovsky Revocable Trust and Makovsky, Michael Steven Revocable Trust; Bates, Susan M. Tr. and Rockwell Family Trust to Bates, Susan M.; Bates, Susan M. to Rockwell, John D. and Rockwell, Ellen M.; J L B Trust, Newell Richard H. Jr. Tr., J L B Realty Trust and J L B Realty Trust to 35 Union Street LLC; 35 Union St. LLC to Sugar Hollow Properties LLC; Powder Hill LLC to Barry, Bruce and Barry, Vivian.

Dresden: Kazzy LLC to Beverage, Albion P. and Christensen, Rose Beverage; Atkinson, Deborah M. to Trella, Joseph Edward; Dresden Inhab. Of to Chamberlain, Shawn T. and Chamberlain, Lisa E.; Currier, Diane L. P R,Currier, David E. P R and Currier Marion P. Est. to Currier, Diane L., Currier, David E. and Currier, Laura A.; Currier, David E. to Currier, Laura A.; Currier, Diane L. and Currier, Laura A.; Shepard, Richard D. to Walsh, Peter E. and Walsh, Mary Louise; Waterhouse, Taran S. to Waterhouse, Felicia Marie and Waterhouse, Taran S.

Edgecomb: Edelson, Harry and Edelson, Jonelle to McCandless, Elizabeth T.; Frisone, Sherrie to Kenobi LLC; Kenobi LLC to Whyte Acquisitions LLC; Kenobi LLC to Homes In Different Area Codes LLC; Kenobi LLC to JM Development LLC; Kenobi LLC to STPConstruction LLC; Smith, Emily B. Est. and Smith, Stuart P R to Smith, Stuart and Dupal, Stephanie; Warren, Mark D. and Warren, Michael R. to Allen, John H. III and Allen, Jessica L.; Edgecomb Inhab. of to Plummer,  Todd; Winters, Mark H. to Hygge Holdings LLC; Simmons, Shawn, Simmons, Ashley and Diguilian, Ashley to Koplau, Louis D. III and Koplau, Anita.

Southport: Koehl, Hans H. to Koehl, Hans H.Tr., Hans H Koehl 2021 Amended and Restated Revocable Trust and Koehl, Hans H. 2021 Amended and Restated Revocable Trust; Lightman, Frederick George, Sizemore, Bruce Edward and Sizemore, Karen Ann West to Johnson, Kurt A. Sr. and Johnson, Wanda E.; Citrullo, Peter F. and Citrullo, Margaret E. to Holder, Andrew and Freyinger, Claus Benjamin; Parmenter, Patricia A. Tr., Parmenter, Claude & Patricia Trust and Claude & Patricia Parmenter Trust to Pottle, Clayton J. and Pottle, Brian R.; Winter, Barbara A. P R and Smith, Geraldine M. Est. to Heinicka, Jeffrey R. Tr., Heinicka, Patricia J. Tr. and Heinicka Family Trust; Atwell, Nancie M. to Merkel, Anne Atwell.

Westport Island: Anderson, Joan C. Tr., Jeffery D. Anderson Trust and Anderson, Jeffery D. Trust to Frank, Brian M. and Frank, Jessica M.; Robert M. MacNamara Foundation and MacNamara, Robert M. Foundation to Harris, Trevor H. S. and Vita, Paola J.; Chesterfield Associates Inc. to Griffiths, Patrick Mark and Fox, Jennifer Carol; Antweiler, Raymond W. and Antweiler, Antoinette Ory to James T. Ory and Antoinette M. Ory Joint Revocable Living Trust, Ory, James T. and Ory Antoinette M. Joint Revocable Living Trust and Antweiler, Antoinette Ory Tr.; Sullivan, John L. Jr. and Sullivan, Suzanne K. to Sherman, Norman P.; Mielke, Frederick to Mielke, Frederick and Carey, Ann.

Wiscasset: McKarns, Lyle J. and McKarns, Rebecca A. to Goodwin, Evan Tucker; Sevaldson, Brad J. and Uthoff, Gregory L. to Siegfried, Frances M. and Siegfried, Brett H.; Moore, Richard F. to Golubow, Nikolai A. and Golubow, Marie; Wood, Stephen J. to Rhi Red Oak 10 LLC and Rhi-Red Oak 10 LLC; Barnes, Ronald D. to Barnes, Ronald D. and Osmond, Tabetha; FOF Realty LLC to Wiz Realty LLC; Pilon, Douglas Joseph Est. and Pilon, Laura M. P R to Cummings, Dominic and Cummings, June A.; Seigars, Mary B. to Seigars, Gerald W.; Mansir, Darryl to Mansir, Darryl and Mansir, Bridget; Dalton, Gerald L. Jr. to Salazar, Steven; Roberts, Alicia R. and Keenan, Alicia R. to Berry,  Jennifer M. and Berry, Dean G.; PNF Realty Inc to Moody, Sherry L. and Lachance, Michael W.; Maine State Of MSHA, Ranta, Deborah A., Creamer, Deborah A. and Pinkham, Deborah A. to Pine Tree Real Estate LLC; Connors, Scott A. to Connors, Wendy K.; Wiscasset Inhab. Of to Gonyou, Ronald Jr.