August property transfers

Thu, 09/06/2018 - 8:45am

The Lincoln County Registry of Deeds provided the following information on property transfers recorded in August:


Vonfrank, Arlene R. to Vonfrank, Andrew and Vonfrank, Sarah.  


Vallas, Arthur C. to Taylor, Richard J. and Haeger, Bonnie J.; Gale, Nancy Y. Tr., Nancy Y. Gale Revocable Trust, Gale, Nancy Y. Revocable Trust, Gale, Frederick K. Tr., Frederick K. Gale Revocable Trust and Gale, Frederick K. Revocable Trust to Yerrall, George R. IV Tr., Yerrall, Virginia M. Tr, Virginia Yerrall Revocable Trust and Yerrall, Virginia Revocable Trust; Boothbay, Inhab. Of to Nichols,  Jeffrey W.; Boothbay, Inhab. Of to Edwards, Arthur Ross; Smith, Arlene G. Tr., Arlene G. Smith Living Trust and Smith, Arlene G. Living Trust to Beth E. Rushton 2017 Revocable Trust, Rushton, Beth E. 2017 Revocable Trust, Rushton, Steven P. Tr. and Rushton, Beth E. Tr.; Hatfield, Larry L. and Hatfield, Carolyn W. to Cassels, Elisabeth A. and Cassels, Elemuel G.;  Lazenby, Pender J., Lazenby, Jessie M. Norton and Norton, Lazenby Jessie M. to Bowen, Brenda L. and Smith, Michael J.; Rittershaus, Doris-Anne PR and Rittershaus, William E. Jr. Est to Rittershaus, Doris-Anne;  Rittershaus, Brian D. PR and Rittershaus, Jeffrey Est. to Rittershaus, Doris-Anne and Rittershaus, Gretchen M.; Rittershaus, Brian D., Rittershaus, Gretchen M., Rittershaus, Doris-Anne and Rittershaus, Ashley to Rittershaus, Charles W. and Rittershaus, Elaine F.; Alley, Eleanor G. and Alley, Stephen E. to Alley, Daniel E. and Alley, Angela; Stoddard, Lee B., Stoddard, Nancy T. and Dunsmore, Nancy T. to Dunsmore, Katrina D.; Blackman, Tamara J. to Coupland, Catherine Mara and Liberti, Christopher Adam; Gregory, Robert B. PR and Buckingham, John D. Jr. Est. to Buckingham, Alexia D.; Buckingham, Alexia D. to Buckingham, Lori J.;  Hale, Cynthia E. to Yereance Properties LLC; Vacationland Developments LLC to Gardner Developments LLC; Rofe, Sharon and Rofe, Sharon B. to Rofe, Sharon Tr., Sharon Rofe Revocable Trust and Rofe, Sharon Revocable Trust.                 

Boothbay Harbor:

Tasker, Molly to Basiliere, Judith P. and Basiliere, Robert J.; Swartsberg, Karen and Vander, John to Goldsmith Gallery Inc.; Perkins, James B. III to Hirsch, Susan Perkins Tr., Wurts, Susan Perkins Tr., James B. Perkins III Trust and Perkins, James B. III Trust; Tilton, Matthew to Hepburn, Evan;  Tasker, Molly to Schutrumpf, Brian E. Tr., Schutrumpf, Margaret Boyd Tr., Brian E. Schutrumpf and Margaret M. Boyd Realty Trust and Schutrumpf, Brian E. and Boyd Margaret M. Realty Trust; Boothbay Harbor, Inhab. Of to Habitat For Humanity 7 Rivers; Cohen, Lawrence B. Tr., Ann M. Ruping Exempt Family Trust, Ruping, Ann M. Exempt Family Trust, Ruping,  Karl H. Tr. and Cuccio, Angela Tr. to Lutsky, Todd E. Tr., Ann M. Ruping Exempt Family Trust, Ruping, Ann M. Exempt Family Trust, Cuccio, Angela Tr. and Ruping, Karl H. Tr.; Cameron, John D. Tr., Alyssa D. Cameron 2007 Trust, Cameron, Alyssa D. 2007 Trust and Cameron, Alyssa D. Tr. to Markette, Anne P. and Lee, William C. III;  5 Stars Realty LLC to Lefebvre, Joey; Melillo, Deborah L. to Poulis, Ashor;  Midcoast Gateway LLC to Linekin Bay Holdings LLC.


Waterhouse, Ian S and Waterhouse, Patricia A. to Waterhouse, Taran S.; Stewart, Melissa and Stewart, James to Morris, Matthew L. and Morris, Audreigh M.; United States Of America and Smith, Nancy M. to Jones, Morgan L. and Stilphen, Kyle A.; Pages, Mikhail to Talbot, Franklin M. and Talbot, Linda Cornish; Brown, Lakin R. to Sibley, Katie A.; Brothers, Charmion G. Est., Brothers, Charmion Grey Est. and Vye, Dulcianne PR to Weeks, Erin; Blodgett, Deidre M. to Safford, George A. Jr.;  Hughes, Mary C. to Kennedy, Kathryn M. and Jirsa, Curtis R.;  Lockyer, Robert to Boody, Elizabeth L.          


MacDonald, Carolyn A. and MacDonald Ian, G. L. to Wooddy, Helen J. Tr, Helen J. Wooddy Revocable Trust and Wooddy, Helen J. Revocable Trust; Perry, Edward B. to Anderson, Kenneth R. and Chapman, Donna H.; Synergen LLC to Perry, Edward B.; Vinal, John W. and Vinal, Linda B. to Zipperer, Libby Anne and Zipperer, Joshua Cage; Brown, Robert R. to Gustafson, Jeanna E.; Severance, David to Severance, David and Hoffman, Debra; Andreoli, Penny to  Gerwick, Donald W. and Andreoli, Penny; Beam, Malcolm W. and Beam, James L. to Beam, Malcolm W.;  Beam, Malcolm W. and Beam, James L. to Beam, James L.; Beam, Malcolm W. to Beam, Malcolm W. and Beam, Elaine M.; Beam, James L. to Beam, James L. and Beam, Deborah; Averill, Max W., Averill, Laurel G., Carver, Laurel G. and Carver, Laura G. to Hoffman, Robert and Hoffman, Christine.             


Southport, Inhab. Of to Emery, Frances T. Tr., Frances T. Emery 1998 Trust, Emery, Frances T. 1998 Trust, Emery, John C. Trust and John C. Emery Trust; Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC and Thibault, Ernest E. to Federal National Mortgage Association; Southport Senior Housing LLC to Smith, Arlene G. Tr., Arlene G. Smith Living Trust and Smith, Arlene G. Living Trust; Eames, Cooke N., Eames, Anne C. and Eames, Jane E. to Eames, Miles N.; Waypoint Partners LLC to  Stiebler, Emanuel and Kolasa, Gail Ann;  Vambutas, Vida K., Vambutas, Vida, Vambutas, Andrea and Vambutas, Paul to Leland Southport IV LLC; Osborne, Robin B. to Osborne, Robin Bennett Tr., Robin Bennett Osborne Trust and Osborne, Robin Bennett Trust; Cheema, Inder S. and Cheema, Jane W. to Coveside Family Living LLC; Knapp, Maurice E. and Knapp, Luralee A. to Knapp, Maurice E. Tr., Knapp Family Squirrel Island Trust and Knapp, Luralee Tr.;  Shepherd, Janet S., Scovelle, Stuart B., Cole, Katharine R., Linfoot, Carol R., Schoen, Robin Ross and Ross, John Laird to  Shepherd, Janet S. Tr., Scovelle, Stuart B. Tr., Cole, Katharine R. Tr., Linfoot, Carol R. Tr., Schoen, Robin Ross Tr., Ross, John Laird Tr., Scovelle, Ross Squirrel Island Trust and  Ross Scovelle Squirrel Island Trust.         

Westport Island:

Graff, Theodore W. and Graff, Elizabeth P. to Quatrale, Andrew; Quirion, J. E. Wilfred, Quirion, Patricia F., Quirion, Diane M. and Doyle, Diane to Johnson, Douglas W., Johnson, Valerie Kelly and Kelly, Johnson Valerie; Evertson, Sarah to Meyrick, Sydney L. and Meyrick, Aaron J.    


Allen, Patrick R., Allen, Natalie, Murphy, Natlaie A. and Murphy, Natalie to Fletcher, Melanie Lee Christensen, Christensen, Fletcher Melanie Lee, Fletcher, Caleb Daniel Christensen and Christensen, Fletcher Caleb Daniel;  Fairservice, Pauline G. Est. and Weeks, Virginia PR to Weeks, Virginia; Dunkling, Hazel E. to Dunkling, Hazel E. Tr., Dunkling, Paul Tr., Hazel E. Dunkling Revocable Trust and Dunkling, Hazel E. Revocable Trust;  Tochterman, Theodore J. to Watts, Carol F. and Watts, Daniel M.; Curtis, Milton D. Tr. to Curtis, Milton D.; Curtis, Milton D. to Gagnon, Joseph S.; Hilsmeyer, Bruce M., Grey, Elizabeth H. and  Hilsmeyer, Elizabeth H. to Scalise, Michael and Scalise, Anne; Goodwin, Anita L. to Parker, Kyle A. and Ambrose, Lindsea J.; Wiscasset, Inhab. Of to Ryder, Eugene F. Jr. and Ryder, Jane L.; Wiscasset, Inhab. Of to Morse, Aaron and Morse, Sarah; Wiscasset, Inhab. Of to Shea, Alice L. and Shea, Harold A. Jr.; Serrano, Luis E. to Wood, Rodney D. and Wood, Terry L.; Wiscasset, Inhab. Of to Engert, Bruce C., Engert, Bruce E. and Engert, Mary Ellen; Engert, Bruce C. and Engert, Mary Ellen to Pitcher, Heather; Fazekas, Joseph J. Tr., Kazekas, Caroline S. Tr., Fazekas, Family Living Trust and Fazekas, Caroline S. Tr. to Winokurzew, Evan O.;  Anthony J. Casella Living Trust, Casella, Anthony J. Living Trust and Hopkinson, James A. Tr. to Mecap LLC; Mecap LLC to Sherman, Norman P.; Hopkinson, James A. Tr., Anthony J. Casella Living Trust and Casella, Anthony J. Living Trust to Sherman, Norman P.; Knight, Joshua H. to Dansereau, Nicole D.; Brewer, Constance E. to Chapman, Candace; Brewer, Constance E. to Brewer, Miles; Brewer, Constance E. to Eastman, Angela.