Backyard composting and rain barrel sale

Posted:  Sunday, March 26, 2017 - 7:30am

For the fourth year, Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD), in cooperation with Maine Resource and Recovery Association, is offering local residents the opportunity to improve soil and conserve water right in their own backyards at deep discount prices. It’s easy with the tried-and-true 80-gallon Earth Machine Backyard Composter ($60) and the 55-gallon Systern Rain Barrel ($75). Both are made of recycled materials, designed to fit into any landscape, and are offered at wholesale prices. The Systern Rain Barrel fits under a downspout to take advantage of roof run-off for garden watering and has built-in mosquito mesh and overflow capability. The Earth Machine Composter has an “in at the top/out at the bottom” design and a 10-year warranty.

This year we have two great, new items – one of which is made in Knox County. For the first time, we have for sale the Lobster Trap Bin by Brooks Trap Mill (only $90, compared to $129 for similar bins) that turns yard debris – and vegetable scraps – into one cubic yard of compost. The 4-foot tall, coated wire bin comes with a cover to exclude animals while allowing for water and air circulation; hog ring pliers for assembly; and the seal of approval from some of Maine’s top composting experts.

Another new item is the Compost Cart ($48), a 40-liter (10.5 gallon) wheeled cart for storing food scraps to take to the transfer station (for those of you lucky enough to have municipal composting) or to the Earth Saver or Lobster Trap Bin down at the bottom of the garden. The Compost Cart is constructed of heavy duty green plastic; has a rugged, fold-away handle for rolling; and top, side, and back grips for loading into the car or dumping.

To make it even easier to convert kitchen scraps into soil, we also have accessories: a 2-gallon Sure Close kitchen scrap pail with vented, locking lid that keeps odors in and flies out ($11); the Wingdigger compost aerator and turner ($23) to mix compost layers and decrease compaction without straining your back; and the REOTEMP compost thermometer ($25) with a 20” stem to monitor interior temps and turn anyone into a serious composting enthusiast! All prices are well below suggested retail for these items and Maine sales tax is included.

Backyard composting items will be on display at the Knox-Lincoln SWCD office at 893 West St (Route 90) in Rockport and at the Spring Plant Sale at Union Fairgrounds on Saturday, May 6 (9 a.m.-2 p.m.) and Sunday, May 7 (10 a.m.-1 p.m.) ( Please pre-order with payment by April 28, or order and pay with cash or check at the Plant Sale. Pickup for composting items will be June 12-14 at the District office.

For more information or to request an order form, contact Knox-Lincoln SWCD at 596-2040, To download an order form or order online, please visit