Boothbay Harbor Country Club reports positive COVID-19 case of guest

Sun, 07/26/2020 - 1:15pm

    The management of Boothbay Harbor Country Club informed its members Friday morning, July 24 that an adult child of one of its members, who had been at BHCC on Tuesday, tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and four facilities were shut down: the clubhouse, the gym, Paul’s Steak House and Grille 19. Everything has reopened, according to a club spokesman.

    On Sunday, BHCC Golf and Membership Director Chad Pennman told Boothbay Register via email, membership was notified Saturday morning “that all known contacts to the positive individual have tested negative for COVID-19. All indoor spaces have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. We will resume normal activities in all amenities today. Let’s all use yesterday as an opportunity to revisit our individual actions in relation to the current climate. Please make sure that your guests have gone through proper protocols when coming to the state, continue to be vigilant in wearing a mask inside and where social distancing is difficult.”

    Friday’s communication to members read:

    “We were informed at 7:30 p.m. yesterday that one of (a) member’s adult children had tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. This member and his family were on the patio off of Grille 19 on Tuesday night for dinner and then tested positive two days later. That member and the rest of his family will be tested today. All parties that have been in contact with this group have also been notified to not visit the club until they are cleared by a test. Employees that served or came into close contact with this group have also been isolated until they test negative. While we can never be absolutely certain no members were exposed, we are reasonably confident the members in Grille 19 on that date should feel safe. None of the possible contacts are showing any symptoms at this time, but we are treating this very seriously with tracing the possible contacts and ramping up our already stringent cleaning protocols.

    “We will be rolling back to May protocols until further notice. Please see list below…

    Golf Course – Open

    Over the Ledge – Open

    Beverage Cart – Open

    Locker Room – Open

    Golf Shop – Open

    Pool – Open

    Tennis/Pickleball - Open

    Grille 19 – Closed

    Paul’s Steak House – Closed

    Gym – Closed

    Clubhouse - Closed

    “Please continue to be safe with wearing the masks inside and frequently washing your hands.  We will provide updates over the coming days.”