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The Christmas edition story trail

Sat, 12/25/2021 - 9:00am

I just can’t seem to resist a story trail and Boothbay Region Land Trust’s one-mile, family reading trail is just the right length – when it’s 20F!

This read is about a cardinals couple “Red and Lulu” who love each other and their life in an evergreen tree that belongs to a family of humans. Red and Lulu particularly like it when the family decorates their tree for Christmas, and even better when they and the neighbors gather around it and sing. The cardinals love the melody of  “O Christmas Tree” and some years they sang along.

Book bonus: It inspires a family (or singleton) to sing while making their way to the next page! I found myself still humming the tune when I got back to the parking lot.

There are some exciting twists to Red and Lulu’s story involving the evergreen tree, travel and separation, but not to worry, it is a Christmas story, after all.

One thing I love about the story trails, in addition to reading the books out loud, in winter are the sounds around me: The sounds of tree branches moving in a light wind, the crunching of snow under your boots, the water flowing in the stream under the first bridge …

If you have yak traxx or other ice walking apparatus to attach to your boots do wear them, although there aren’t a lot of places where ice is an issue so, if you don’t have any, don’t let that prevent you from making the trip!

There was one very wet and muddy area when I went on Dec. 23. It was where the trail winds along Townsend Gut. Maybe around page 7, but there was enough room on the right side to walk up onto solid ground and get around it.

Written and illustrated by Matt Tavares, “Red and Lulu” will remain up through Jan. 2, making it a perfect outing during school vacation. And, who knows? We could get some snow during that time and if we do, bring your sleds or saucers. But, it’d be best not to pull a Clark Griswald (remember Chevy Chase in “Christmas Vacation”) and spray some kind of lubricant on the bottom; you’ll get plenty of speed on the cleared hillside at Oak Point Farm that ends in a large field overlooking the Gut.

Leashed canine members of the family are always welcome on the trail. Don’t forget waste bags, and if your dog loves a good sing-a-long too, there will be some interesting harmonies floating on the air while you’re there!

The Farm is at 60 Samoset Road in Boothbay Harbor. For more BRLT info, including the next story trail book, visit www.bbrlt.org or call 633-4818.