Coast Guard Auxiliary boating class begins in February

Mon, 01/08/2024 - 8:45am

    Mid Coast Maine has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, but within the beauty are hazards that can quickly ruin your day on the water.  Geography, tides and weather can combine to make even the most experienced mariner opt to stay ashore. Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 2-5, located in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, offers an introduction to navigation course that can help recreational boaters cruise the area. The basics of coastal navigation are covered using the chart of the Boothbay area. What we cover applies to all National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) navigation charts. “Navigating Mid Coast Maine” via Zoom will be held Feb. 7, 14, 21, 28, April 6 from 6 to 8 each night.

    Navigating Mid Coast Maine covers the basics of navigation and trip planning while taking you to the far corners of the local “Cape Small to Pemaquid” #13293 chart. Our experienced instructors have hundreds of hours cruising the waters covered in this course as recreational boaters and on the water conducting Coast Guard Auxiliary patrols. They are certified CG Auxiliary Small Boat Coxswains and Boat Crew members as well as local residents. 

    Topics include basic navigation using both traditional paper charts and various electronic chart formats, understanding navigational aids, and buoy systems. 

    Problem sets will help you understand the building blocks of course planning including exercises on tides; time, speed, distance; and course layout and labeling. 

    To take the course you need either a printed chart or access to an electronic chart of the Boothbay Harbor area. 

    Paper Chart and Nav Tools: We recommend charts printed on quality paper so you can draw (and erase) course lines using a pencil and add information easily. The NOAA chart of the area is The Three Rivers Chart (#13293). In addition two charting tools are recommended. The chart and tools may be purchased separately at the start of class. The chart costs $30. Along with a paper chart you should have two navigational tools. One is a divider (compass) cost: $10. The other is a roller plotter or parallel rule cost $35.  

    Registration/information: The course is offered via Zoom, so it can be taken whether or not you are in the Boothbay Region. Contact David Eastwood by January 31 at 207-633-4748 or to register or to get more information. The cost of the course is $30 per person plus chart and tools if needed.