From counting Woolwich alewives to offering comic relief in pandemic

Tue, 03/24/2020 - 5:00pm

    Andrea Smith has been getting looks when she drives her Subaru Forrester lately. 

    “Just some big smiles from other drivers going by in passing.”

    Smith has been a Woolwich alewife counter every May since she moved to Brunswick from Vinalhaven six years ago. And she drives through Wiscasset  often to get to the ferry in Rockland. So when she heard Wiscasset Newspaper did an article about a new happening that interested her – noontime bell-ringing in Wiscasset village – she called us.

    We sent Smith the links to those stories and meanwhile she sent us pics of something she, too, has done in connection with the coronavirus: Her stuffed animal dog Buster now sports a bandanna over its nose and mouth, as if trying to protect itself from the virus. It was Smith’s grandson’s idea, “to make people smile a little and connect with one another.”

    Buster is in the back seat, “looking out the window.” she said.