Lincoln County Commissioners

County does tax commitments

Tue, 05/14/2019 - 1:00pm

Lincoln County Commissioners approved the towns’ tax commitments May 7. The total county budget to be raised by taxation is $10,203,674. That is lower than the general expenditures, because some of last year’s surplus went to offset taxes.

Each town’s commitment is based on its 2019 state valuation. The total valuation for towns and unorganized territories in Lincoln County is $7,550,200,000. The tax rate, obtained by dividing the commitment by the valuation, is 0.001351444.

Here are the sums each town and the unorganized territories will have to raise in taxes for the county budget. Alna: $115,548.48, Boothbay: $1,275,087.60, Boothbay Harbor: $1,013,718.29, Bremen: $268,329.25, Bristol: $1,394,082.26, Damariscotta: $481,654.71, Dresden: $188,654.71, Edgecomb: $296,506.86, Jefferson: $470,099.87, Mohegan: $110,818.42, Newcastle: $387,121.19, Nobleboro: $387,121.19, Somerville: $71,964.40, South Bristol: $890,804.44, Southport: $934,050.66, Waldoboro: $665,518.70, Westport Island: $291,033.51, Whitefield: $266,775.09, Wiscasset: $624,975.37, and unorganized territories: $20,879.81.