Damariscotta Pumpkinfest Weigh-Offs bring in new growers and state records

Maine’s first 2,000 pound-plus pumpkin grown by Edwin Pierpont for a new Maine state record
Mon, 10/04/2021 - 9:15am

On Oct. 2-3, backyard gardeners, first-time Giant Pumpkin Growers, and seasoned Giant Pumpkin champions gathered at Pinkham’s Plantation in Damariscotta for two days of weigh-offs. The weekend produced new state records for Giant Squash and Giant Pumpkins, both grown by Edwin Pierpont of Jefferson, Maine.

As Pumpkinfest co-founder Bill Clark says, “There is no Giant Pumpkin store,” so these weigh-offs provide the massive fruits that will be decorated and displayed in Damariscotta and Newcastle from Oct. 9-19. 

On Saturday, Oct. 2, adult and youth Volunteer growers’ brought their fruits to be weighed on professional scales, and to earn a shot at the total purse of $2,500 to winning volunteer growers.

The winners are: 

Adult Pumpkin winners (weights in pounds)

1. Mark Nickerson (Phippsburg) - 860.0  lbs (first-time grower)

2. Rob Flory (Walpole) - 505.5 lbs

3. Guy Peaslee (Boothbay)- 322.5 lbs

4. Paul Cayer (Rumford) - 294.5 lbs

5. Peter Walker (Northport) - 290.5 lbs

Adult Pumpkin Exhibition

Bill Clark and Buzz Pinkham (Damariscotta) - 370.5 lbs

Kids Pumpkin winners

1.Trent and Lyla Reed (Wiscasset) - 419.5 lbs

2. Tyson Brown (Nobleboro) - 366.5 lbs

3. Jayden Brown (Nobleboro) - 293.0 lbs

4. Talia Brown (Nobleboro) - 271.5 lbs

5. Lucia Sandrock (Nobleboro) - 224.5 lbs

6. Jayden Brown (Nobleboro) - 221.0 lbs

7. Spencer Brown (Nobleboro) - 202.5 lbs

8. Owen Sandrock (Nobleboro) - 184.5 lbs

Sunday, Oct. 3 was the official Great Pumpkin Commonwealth (GPC) Weigh-Off, the largest in Maine with a purse of $10,000. An additional bonus of $1,000 was awarded for a New State Record pumpkin which is grown by a Maine grower. New state records were made in the Giant Squash and Giant Pumpkin classes, both by Edwin Pierpont of Jefferson. As well, Pierpont’s 2121.5 winner is Maine’s first ton Giant Pumpkin.

Pierpont’s victorious pumpkin will be on display in Damariscotta from Oct. 9-19 for all to enjoy. 

The winners are: 

Adult Giant Pumpkin

1. Edwin Pierpont (Jefferson) - 2,121.5 lbs (new Maine state record and first Maine ton Giant Pumpkin)

2. Scott St Laurent (Lyman) - 1,959.0 lbs

3. Elroy Morgan (Charleston) - 1,870.5 lbs

4. Richard Powell (Nobleboro) - 1,503.5 lbs

5. Charlie and Morningstar Lopresti (Buxton) - 1,465.5 lbs

6. Jonathan Fortier (China Village) - 1,219.0 lbs (first-time grower)

7. Wesley Page (Portage) - 1,060.5 lbs

8. Stephen Hallowell (Duxbury, Massachusetts) - 967.5 lbs

9. Matt Holmes (Limington) - 647.0 lbs

10. Rhonda Denny (Poland) - 538.0 lbs (first-time grower)

Adult Giant Squash

1. Edwin Pierpont (Jefferson) - 1,487.5 lbs

2. Richard Powell (Nobleboro) - 1,143.5 lbs

3. Dominic Locke (Parsonsfield) - 798.0 lbs

4. Russell Holmes (Hiram) - 615.5 lbs

5. Isaiah Winslow (New Gloucester) - 183.0 lbs

Adult Long Gourd

1. Elroy Morgan (Charleston) - 142.25 in

Adult Field Pumpkin

1.Francine Mackowski (Milford) - 155.0 lbs

2. Bill Mackowski (Milford) - 144.5 lbs

3. Derek Curtis (Standish) - 79.5 lbs

Youth Giant Pumpkin

1. Maris Lopresti (Buxton) - 999.0 lbs

2. Catherine Lopresti (Buxton) - 607.0 lbs

3. Jeremiah Winslow (New Gloucester) - 482.5 lbs

4. Elijah Winslow (New Gloucester) - 436.5 lbs

Youth Giant Squash

1. Leah Curtis (Standish) - 804.0 lbs

On Sept 10, the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest & Regatta committee announced that Giant Pumpkins on Main Street, all decorated by local artists, would continue as planned this year. All other festival events, including the famous pumpkinboat Regatta, will not happen this year. 

The committee’s decision was being made in light of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and Maine CDC guidance, and in consultation with local municipal, safety, and business partners. 

The Giant Pumpkins arrive on Main Street in Damariscotta on Thursday, Oct. 7 in the afternoon and will be placed in front of local businesses. Artists will paint and carve the pumpkins all day on Friday, Oct. 8. The pumpkins will be on display for approximately 10 days from Oct. 9-19.

Damariscotta Pumpkinfest & Regatta is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to promote education to citizens of all ages regarding the specific agricultural science required to grow giant pumpkins and to provide local non-profit organizations with opportunities for dissemination of information on their activities and fundraising. 

Visit DamariscottaPumpkinfest.com for the most-up-to-date information. Plans are subject to change according to Maine CDC guidance and in consultation with local safety and municipal partners.