Deb Pooler retiring from WMHS in June: Being an educator ‘has been a real privilege’

Thu, 03/28/2024 - 8:45am

    Deb Pooler graduated from Wiscasset High School in 1971 and went on to attend the University of Maine at Orono and Augusta. She started working as an educational technician for Wiscasset School Department in 1989 in the Special Services Department. In 2006, she transferred to the Technology Department where she is currently working as the technology coordinator.

    In her own words, “Outside of technology my main goal at Wiscasset High School has always been to work with kids to teach them the importance of community involvement and a life of caring about others. I love mentoring students and giving them the support they deserve to be the best they can be. It has been a real privilege to be an educator and to work with kids every day. I have been so lucky to have a job that is what I really love to do! Helping kids to recognize the amazing possibilities they have in their lives means a lot to me. I know that times have changed so much over the years but I still see the good in our kids and the need they each have to connect with at least one adult at school who encourages them to grow personally and to really try to do their best. I truly believe we have really great kids in Wiscasset!! So many of our kids have gone on to accomplish amazing things in the world!”

    One of the proud moments Deb has had working at Wiscasset is when they won the WGME School Spirit Challenge in April of 2014.  Highlights of that time are when they beat seven other schools including much larger schools like Portland High School. They raised 58,662 pounds of Food for the Good Shepherd Food Bank! She had an amazing crew of kids who worked with her. They were featured on a Channel 13 News special about the win.

    Deb put out a plea to the community to help the kids win and it was an incredible outpouring of support from everyone in Wiscasset, so many businesses like Big Al’s, Ames Supply, Sea Basket, Sarah’s Pizza, Shaw’s, Dunkin Donuts and many more reached out to help! Deb organized a Pep Rally half-way through the weeks of the competition and on the morning of the pep rally when she drove to the school early, she was scared that no one would show up so early to support the kids. She was truly amazed to think so many community members came out to cheer them on! The gym was packed and DJ Paul Wolfe donated his time to provide music while Channel 13 broadcast the whole thing live. So many people came out so early in the morning to support this effort! They came together in such a meaningful way to help the less fortunate in our state in a real time of need. It was beautiful and heartwarming to see the true strength and power of our little town! We are small but we are mighty!

    On April 10, 2014, the State of Maine Senate and House of Representatives joined together and awarded an official expression of sentiment to Wiscasset High School for winning the Spirit Cup Trophy on behalf of the 126th Legislature and the people of the State of Maine!

    Some of the Extra-Curricular School activities Mrs. Pooler has been involved in are:
    *Coaching cheerleading for 10 years at WHS and the WHS Dance Team for 3 years
    * WHS Student Council Advisor for the past 15 years and working with town officials to hold Mock Elections at WHS (used town voting booths and sample town ballots and reported results to the state
    * Middle School & High School Yearbook Advisor for 4 years
    *Organized Homecoming, Winter Carnival Week and the WHS Haunted High School with Student Council for many years
    *Certification Chair for WSD Support Staff
    *Helped Organize the Advisor/Advisee Program and served as Lead Advisor for many classes including this years Senior Class
    *Organized Red Cross Blood Drives at WHS for years to involve students and staff
    * Organized trips to TOGUS for Student Council to visit the veterans in the hospital and care units there
    * WMHS Sunshine Committee Chair - Recognizing and helping colleagues who have life-changing events and celebrate life milestones.
    * Been involved with organizing the WHS graduation and took over teaching the graduating classes to march for their graduation ceremonies ever since Gene Stover retired years ago
    *Served as a member of the MELMAC committee for many years
    * WHS Scholarship Committee
    * WSD Student Recruitment Team

    Deb has also served the town of Wiscasset on several committees, including the Wiscasset School Committee (Served as Chair), Wiscasset 4th of July Committee, Wiscasset Ordinance Review Committee, and she is currently serving on the Wiscasset Planning Board and the Future of Wiscasset Schools Committee and she is the Chair of the Wiscasset Alumni Association Executive Board. She has worked for the Wiscasset School Department for 35 years and is planning on retiring in June. She says it is bittersweet and she will definitely miss working with the students and being overly busy each day, but she feels it is now time in her life to move on to the next chapter, and wishes to spend time with her precious daughters, son in laws and grandchildren. Her daughters have taken her on many wonderful trips all over the world and she is looking forward to more travel with them in her retirement.

    Deb defines the word service, not only to the students of Wiscasset, past and present, but also to the town of Wiscasset as a whole. We all want to thank Mrs. Deb for her many years of commitment to the Wiscasset School Department and wish her a happy and healthy, fun filled retirement. She will be greatly missed by all! Congratulations to Mrs. Pooler who has been selected as our March Staff Spotlight!