December property transfers

Posted:  Monday, March 5, 2018 - 2:45pm

The Lincoln County Registry of Deeds provided the following information on property transfers recorded in December:

Alna: Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Mr. Cooper, Cooper, Mr. Giroux, Troy Anthony and Peak, Ericka L. to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Mr. Cooper and Cooper, Mr.; Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Baron, Anne and Piwowarski, Stephen.  

Boothbay: Krouse, Jay to Koenig, John R. and Koenig, Patricia A.;  Barnum Timothy Tr., Enix Barnum Darlene Tr., Enix Barnum Living Trust, Barnum Enix Living Trust and Barnum Darlene Enix Tr. to Blackwell, Paul H. Jr. and Hemperley, Lauren K.;  Kaplan, Julia R. to Lanigan, John Boyd and Lanigan, Carolyn Denise; Powis, Peggy Ann and Powis, Richard R. to Stover, Courtney E. and Stover, Benjamin J.; Williams, Judith A. C. to Lowery, Toni J.; Bedell, Diane Lewis to Harding, Timothy D.; Lewis, Justin M. to Williams, Amy S.; Doukakis, Mark and Doukakis, Janis L. to Doukakis Mark Tr., Doukakis Family Trust and Doukakis Janis L. Tr.;  Demers, Paul R. and Demers, Linda M. to Harris, Paul Jeremy Clarkson and Burns, Melanie; Sanborn, Robert B. Sr. and Sanborn, Lucinda A. to Sanborn, Robert B. and Sanborn, Lucinda A.; Erskine, Thomas W. and Erskine, Bonnie S. to Townline Storage LLC; Lemar Realty LLC to Tucker, Chelsea; Williams, Amy S. to Lewis, Justin M. and Lewis, Amy S.; LVNV Funding LLC, Teele, Burton and Teele, Marilyn L. to LVNV Funding LLC; Gray, Camilla M. P.R. and Gray, Stella C. Est. to Gray, Peter E. and Gray, Karen L.

Boothbay Harbor: Harvey, Elaine A. and Bradley, Elaine to Chadbourne, Troy and Chadbourne, Lindsay Bradley; Weissman Robert Tr., Weissman Joshua Tr., Barsamian Anthony J. Tr., William L. Weissman Living Trust and Weissman William L. Living Trust to Flash, Stephen B. and Flash, Elena S.;  Greenwood, Tracey E. P.R. and Van Vlack, Milton Est. to Greenwood, Tracey E.; 120 Commercial Street Realty LLC to Mainelen LLC.    

Dresden: Gower, Lewis Gibb and Gower, Jane Ellen to McCarthy, Sean M. and McCarthy, Ayla C.; Lincoln County Historical Association to Matzke, John M.; Wright, Jonathan C. to Wright, Glennis A.; Whatley, Nancy H. to McCoig, Kathryn E.; Foss, Walter T. Jr. to Foss Realty LLC; Coy, Tracy A. to  Wallace, Cheryl; Rahmlow, Louise S., Gamache, Louise S., Mathews, Vicki M., Weeks, Dorothy S. and Weeks, Barbara S. to Stilphen, Paul C., Landry, Stephen C. Jr. and Landry, Amy R.; Wolfe, Christine L. and Wolfe, Robert H. to Wolfe, Brandon J.; Rackliff, Gerald S. P.R. and Rackliff, Sharon L. Est. to Pierce Brandon G.                

Edgecomb: Boudin, Thomas C. to Boudin, Thomas C. and Boudin, Gail L.; Fairbrother, Charles E. to Cooper, Alan A.; Ward, F. Stephen to Sullivan, G. Bryce and Sullivan, Diane M.; Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Lewis, Bonnie Davis and Lewis, Daniel Craig; Bowdler, Mark L. to McKenzie, Arthur and McKenzie, Maryann; Ellinwood, Laroy R. and Ellinwood, Gail L. to Murray, Raymond L. and Murray, Dawn W.           

Southport: Gem Hospitality Group LLC to TWG Southport LLC; Clifton, Bawn Elizabeth to Flournoy, Lori and Clifton, Scott; LCNB National Bank Tr., Albert C. Turner Trust and Turner Albert C. Trust to Elton, Eric; Carey, John Wade Jr. Tr., Helen W. Carey Trust and Carey Helen W. Trust to Gudaitis, Jean Louise; Gilbert Jean H. Tr., Jean H. Gilbert Trust and Gilbert Jean H. Trust to De Rochemont, Lois G.; De Rochemont, Lois G. to Moen, Christian H. and Coppola, Susanne E.            

Westport Island: Smelcer, Nancy J. and Smelcer, Mark L. to Cavallari, Christopher and Cavallari, Carly; Anderson, Jeffrey D. and Anderson, Joan C. to Anderson, Jeffrey D.; Anderson, Jeffrey D. to Anderson Jeffrey D. Tr., Anderson Joan C. Tr., Jeffrey D. Anderson Trust and Anderson Jeffrey D. Trust; Richardson, George D. III to Peterson, Martha Jane; Chase, Michael A. to Withers, Dylan E. and Scarborough, Mariah D.;  Taylor Cove LLC to Axelrad, Marcy and Whitney, Robert A.;  Colby, Lillian G. to Colby, Daniel P.; Partelow, Susan S. and Partelow, Jerry I. to Thomes, Steve;  Thomes,

Steve to Affordable Home Solutions LLC Tr. and 21 Weatherstone Dr. Residential Land Trust; Loranz, Alfred Boyce and Loranz, Claire T. to Loranz Alfred B. Tr., Loranz Claire T. Tr., Alfred B. Loranz Revocable Trust and Loranz Alfred B. Revocable Trust.                 

Wiscasset: Wells Fargo Bank National Association Tr., Securitized Asset Backed Receivables Trust 2006-He2, Murphy, Jane Lynn, Peters, Jane L. and Murphy, Robert to Wells Fargo Bank National Association Tr. and Securitized Asset Backed Receivables Trust 2006-He2; Richard C. French LLC and French, Richard C. LLC to Eaton, Peter H. and Brownstein, Joan R.; Stewart, William G. and Stewart, Hannah S. to Friend, Elizabeth J. and Coogan, James J. Jr.; Wicked Good Aviation Services Inc. to Davis, Thomas B.; Westport Island Inhab Of to Richardson, George III; Abbott, David A. to Davenport, Heather M. and Davenport, William L.; Taylor, Arthur F. and Taylor, Judith A. to Flowers, Larry G. and Flowers, Janice L.; Brown, James D. to Dugger, Edward A.; Soule, Amy P.R. and Soule, Scott A. Est. to Soule, Amy; Soule, Amy D. to Soule, Carolyn A.