Decking the downtown

Mon, 11/16/2020 - 7:45am

    “We were thinking the twisty would probably blow away,” Kim Andersson told fellow masked Wiscasset downtown decorating volunteers Sherri Dunbar and Terri Wells as she instead held green wires for the taking.

    “The twisty is very fragile,” Wells concurred as she reached for the wires and then walked away with four.

    Out came the red bows and holiday greenery Saturday, Nov. 14 in a second year of residents on ladders and on foot decorating street lamps and bollards. As the volunteers on both sides of Main Street worked in the wind, afternoon Early Bird shoppers stood waiting outside some stores due to state limits on the number inside.

    Cynthia Pappas was working with a pile of bows. She was happy to take part with such a nice group of people, she said.

    Wiscasset Public Works, the Appearance of the Town Committee, Garden Club of Wiscasset and Friends of Wiscasset Village all took part before or during the session, organizer Terry Heller said. Her Nov. 11 email seeking volunteers declared her head elf and laid out the COVID-19 ground rules and one other: “(1) We will wear masks, no exceptions, and (2) We will work in family groups maintaining distance, and (3) We will soooooo have a great time as a real community of awesome people.”

    In a white, sequined mask Saturday, Heller was pleased with the turnout. “Fabulous. Fabulous, and we’ve had people come and go, so probably about three dozen altogether ... and it’s probably the most fun thing that we do,” she said. “Everybody comes out and it gets done, so fast.”

    And the sequins? “If I wear this, nobody can take me too seriously.”