Department of Marine Resources

Document damage from Jan. 10 storm

Thu, 01/11/2024 - 11:30am

    Yesterday's storm has resulted in unprecedented damage to property along Maine's working waterfront.

    DMR is working closely with Governor Mills and the Maine Emergency Management Agency as we assess the extent of the damage to Maine's coastline. DMR, with the support of the Maine Forest Service, will be conducting an aerial survey along the coast today, Jan. 11, documenting the damage.

    It is imperative that individuals with damaged property from yesterday's storm, including wharfs, floats, vessels, etc. document that damage, share that information with their local municipality, and ask their municipality to report documented damage to the appropriate Maine county emergency management agency

    Please share this information with anyone on Maine's working waterfront who may have experienced damage from this storm.

    In the meantime, please be aware of areas along the coast, both on land and on the water, where there may be hazards as a result of yesterday's storm and proceed with caution.

    Also, please note that we have a similar storm coming this weekend with an even higher tide, so it’s clear that additional preparations will be needed.   

    DMR will continue to evaluate this situation and will communicate updates from the Governor's office and from MEMA as efforts to recover from this storm move forward.