Edgecomb ORC continues density talks

Mon, 04/22/2019 - 6:45am

The Edgecomb Ordinance Review Committee continued its March 7 discussion about dwelling unit density on Thursday, April 18.

Chair David Nutt brought up increasing population density and creating more dwelling units. Member Barry Hathorne expressed concern, citing Davis Island issues. “We have lot size rules for a reason,” Hathorne said. He also pointed out that a two-acre lot is needed for a septic system.

Hathorne said he wanted to make sure people who bought land are protected in the future and that he believed minimum lot sizes should remain the same. Committee members discussed the possibility of placing a second dwelling unit on an existing lot, which would not decrease the size of the lot.

Barbara Gibson brought up cluster housing. She said there might be a large tract of land someone wanted to sell which could be a used for development. The group discussed a situation in Millinocket in which the town took over rehabilitated houses.

“We don’t have a town in Edgecomb, we have bedrooms,” Nutt observed. “We don’t have the infrastructure to do that.”

Gibson said the town’s comprehensive plan indicates Edgecomb wants to remain rural. Increasing density doesn’t conform to that plan, she said.

Nutt indicated the comprehensive plan is up for review. He expressed concern that “Housing is a crisis in this area.” He informed committee members he’d met with the select board April 9 and asked about updating the comprehensive plan. “They will bring it up after the town meeting,” he said.