Edgecomb selectmen concerned by realtor.com ad

Mon, 09/27/2021 - 10:15am

A realtor.com advertisement changed following a call from Edgecomb Selectman Dawn Murray. She heard about the online advertisement describing Gateway Condominiums on the Route 1-Route 27 intersection as year round lodging. But the property is zoned for only short-term rental use, so Murray checked out the advertisement and contacted the real estate agent.

She described her contact with the real estate agent during the Sept. 20 selectmen’s meeting. “In previous conversations, they told us the cabins wouldn’t be rented for any longer than a two-week stay,” Murray said. “I called and told them the current advertisement required a change in use (planning board approval). If the advertisement wasn’t changed, we would take action against a third party, homeowners’ association and Gateway’s board of directors.”

On Sept. 22, Murray replied to the Boothbay Register in an email. “We have not received a formal response, but I did check the ads and they were changed to more clearly reflect the allowed use.”

On Sept. 24, the Boothbay Register unsuccessfully sought comment from the real estate agency, Bisson Real Estate in Brunswick.