Elections 2018

Hilton announces for SVRSU 12 rep in Alna

Posted:  Monday, February 19, 2018 - 11:15am

Ralph Hilton of Alna has announced his run to return to Sheepscot Valley Regional School Unit 12’s board. 

“Let me have a moment with the residents of Alna to speak of my motivation and qualifications as a candidate for RSU 12 board member in next month's election. I will be brief and direct, as I am in all things,” Hilton states in his announcement

Hilton is a 1966 graduate of Wiscasset High School and attended Maine VOC, worked at Bath Iron Works for 31 years, and was a union representative for 25 of those years, retiring in 2013.

In Alna, he has served on the comprehensive plan committee, building committee and Head Tide Dam committee. “I have assisted the fire department and several boards of selectmen in any way I could be useful. You will have seen me at almost every town meeting you may have attended.

“During eight years on the RSU 12 board, I inaugurated, participated in, or carried to fruition the following: the funding change to a ‘cost per student’ formula; three contracts as a member of the contract committee; served on the transportation and facilities committee; (and) was involved in the planning and execution of $1.8 million of energy upgrades.

“I ask you to return me to the board so I can use my experience to finish projects currently in preparation or in progress, and to represent and secure and further the needs of our students for a quality, purposeful education, and to maintain affordability for all of us who pay taxes in Alna. Every child must have equal access; every parent has the right to expect high quality; every resident deserves to live in a community where town officials understand the great benefit we all receive from universal public education.”

Hilton asks residents to talk to him. “Ask me what I think, what I believe, where I stand. You will have your questions answered, your concerns considered. Thank you.”