Where It’s At ...

How about dinner out?

Wed, 02/26/2020 - 12:00pm

While it’s true it’s kinda quiet around these parts this time of year – as far as things to do over the weekend go – there’s still good times to be had for those nights you want to take a break from Netflix binging!

This week that break is all about the dinner hour. There are still great choices – hey, this is Boothbay Harbor after all – in February. Sometimes you find yourself craving something Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Greek, Mexican, or something else – but you’ve no idea what.

If it’s Mexican you’ve just gotta have, and it’s Tuesday, you’re in luck because it’s Mexican Night at Brady’s over on Union Street. Tacos, burritos, fajitas, quesadillas … ca-yum-ba! OK, here’s a lil’ funny for you I found on memecrunch.com, are you ready? Here goes: “Mexican word of the day - wheelchair. Juan and me only have uno taco, but that’s OK … wheelchair ...” Too funny, right? Anyway … Brady’s serves it up South of the Border style 3-8 p.m. And, don’t forget to have a margarita or two … Ole’! Brady’s complete menu is yumsville too. But, you know that already. I don’t dine out very often so once I try something and really like it, I tend to get it every time. At Brady’s it’s the fish and chips.

Another yummy place to eat is the Boat House Bistro Tapas Bar & Restaurant on The By-Way downtown. Their poblano chicken is so good. And the Bistro’s paella‎ is just as delish. I was very into making paella back in the 70s. I’ve never been big on fondue although it was all the rage for awhile there during that decade. The paella recipe I made combined chicken, shrimp, clams, scallops, fish (in Connecticut, it was usually cod or haddock), seasoned with saffron (insert eye roll of delight here) and simmered on low heat for quite awhile. The aroma was to die for … even before dishing it out in roomy bowls! The Bistro’s extensive menu also includes Italian and Spanish fare as well as tempting seafood entrees. Be sure to start your meal off with a little somethin-somethin from the hot and cold tapas menu.

China By The Sea, or as it is affectionately known around here, Chinah Dinah, is a popular restaurant – and has been since 1980. First over on Commercial Street where the sensational, seasonal Italian restaurant Ports of Italy is now, and then to Townsend Avenue (conveniently across the street from the Register). I guess you could call it comfort food of the Asian variety! We all have our favorite dishes … Chicken with cashew nuts, pu pu platters are quite tasty and come with heat – as in fire, not seasoning. But, if it’s heat and spice you want, you can find it there – Hunan, Shanghai and Szechuan recipes will give you the kick you seek and so will may others. China By The Sea also offers American fare – burgers, Kid Happy Boxes, hot dogs … And don’t forget to sip one of the specialty cocktails before dinner.

If it’s Vietnamese food you’ve got a hankerin’ for at dinner time, Baker’s Way, also on Townsend Avenue, has some tasty dishes. Curries – mild and hot, a ginger and a lemongrass veg dish that can be ordered with meat, Pad Thai, Bun Tuoi, soups … ăn ngon miệng! There’s even a good old American burger for the not-so-adventurous adult or child in your dining party not keen on trying something new.

The Thistle Inn over Oak Street way is a popular dinner spot – just try to find parking close by! The menu there is to die for – as is the variety of scotches! Try, just try to decide what to order among the ca-yum-ba entrees – seafood, crustacean and fish, or the duck, beef and lamb dishes. You can’t go wrong – it’s just making that decision. Starting with the crab cakes or tuna tartare are always fine choices – two of my favorites, anyway! The Seafood Trio is, in my opinion, to die for … never had it? You need to.

If it’s pizza night – The new Ports Pizzeria on Union Street serves brick oven pizzas topped with a variety of Italian cheeses – mozzarella, gorgonzola, fontina, Parmesan, pecorino, Romano … Toppings include tomatoes, mushrooms, boiled egg, salami, Italian bacon, clams, sausage … And, talk about an aromatic atmosphere! There’s a variety of appetizers – stuffed focaccia breads – the smoked salmon, mozzarella, red onion and capers is a meal in itself. And the desserts are decadent: panna cotta al frutti di stagione – a light Italian custard made with local seasonal berries is just right. Mangia!

The House of Pizza in the Meadow Mall on Townsend Avenue is a popular dining out and take out spot. I know my granddaughter is very keen on the small cheese pizzas there! The menu offered by the Rigas family is extensive. If everyone can’t find something that appeals to their tastebuds, there’s just no pleasing them. Back to the pizza – there are so many toppings choices – one or more – to gnosh on your favorite pie. Hot subs – like the eggplant and cheese or steak and cheese; cold grinders, pasta dishes, salads, chicken dinners. Lots of folks have dinner and then walk down to the Harbor Theater to top off the evening. Did I mention the gyros?!

BoBo’s Hometown Convenience on Eastern Avenue is always cookin’ up something yummy – from pizza to sandwiches and subs. Great pizza – the white and veggie lover’s are super; appetizers like fried mushrooms, chicken fingers and mozzarella sticks … so good, and there are so many more! The number of selections that come out of that small kitchen is amazing. There are tables there – or take out, go home, kick back and tantalize those tastebuds ...

And, what the heck, put on the Netflix … it’s your night. Go for it.

Next week … rise and shine for breakfast out.