From the editor

It’s that time of year again

Wed, 07/03/2024 - 9:00am

Summer. More people, more cars, more sunshine … and more news.

One of my jobs is to try and fit as much news on our pages as possible … until it becomes impossible.

Back in the 1990s, we had the ability of printing 40 to 48 pages due to the amount and size of the advertising during the summer months. We could do full-page layouts, sometimes two pages, of features or galleries of events.

This week, we covered much of the Windjammer Days events with extensive galleries. Combined with the increase in press releases, area columns and the usual amount of letters, obituaries and staff articles, getting everything we received in this week’s issue proved impossible.

Advertising has been the driver of the number of pages we produce each week and, although we appreciate our advertisers to no end, the amount of ads and the sizes of the ads are a sign of the times.

Yes, we could print 28 or 32 pages, however, that would make us lose money and any good business is not in the business to lose money.

That is why we appreciate the ability to put news online. We were able to produce large galleries, get all the press releases, columns and other unsolicited material to our readers before the printed issue hit the newsstands.

Perhaps you’re thinking that maybe we should go all-digital to save money. We are not thinking that right now though it has crossed our minds. After nearly 150 years of delivering the news in print form, it has become a habit, and many of our readers still enjoy reading the print form while sitting down with a cup of coffee or when they have time to relax.

But, if you want a full-scale view of what we’ve produced this week, be sure and check out our websites.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!