Jack Silverio solo show at Studio 53 through Aug. 25

Line on Background/ Planes and Shadows/ Solids and Voids
Fri, 07/26/2019 - 3:00pm

Story Location:
53 Townsend Avenue
Boothbay Harbor  Maine  04538
United States

    Jack Silverio had his own architectural practice from 1979 to 2016. In this area folks may be familiar with his St. Columba Episcopal Church near St. Andrews Village. It is designed in a way to be compatible with cottages. Drawing and thinking in three dimensions and making his ideas relate to other people is something Jack has done every waking moment, but Jack has also painted throughout his life, and in recent years he has worked full time making the paintings and sculptures in this exhibit.

    Jack’s art is geometric with progressions based on the Fibonacci Series or the Golden Ratio. Because these proportions relate to all organic things we sense a comfort with them. Jack’s watercolors have a humanizing granulated look which comes from using 300# Fabriano paper. His acrylic paintings allow him to fascinate us with overpainting that reveals on the edges of shapes. In his wood sculptures, Jack alternates solids and voids, planes and shadows with the effect that the sculptures seem to grow from within.

    Jack says “Whether it is in houses, sculpture, or painting he searches for qualities that are quiet and harmonious and may best be described by the word, radiance.” He continues: “Line On Background – Line is energy, vision, consciousness, something. Background is space, emptiness, stillness, dreaminess, nothing. So we bring line to background, energy to space, vision to emptiness, motion to stillness, consciousness to dreaminess, something to nothing. Line is like daylight streaming through the dawn, like courage overcoming fear.”

    Jack studied architecture at Rhode Island School of Design and participated in the Rome Honors Program for a year. He also attended the University of Pennsylvania. His house designs have many of the same form progressions as his paintings and sculpture. He is a regularly exhibiting artist member at Studio 53 where his solo show will be appearing starting July 29. He had a 2019 solo exhibit at Frank Brockman Gallery in Brunswick and a 2012 solo exhibit at Unity College. He has shown work regularly at Caldbeck Gallery in Rockland. Recently he was a guest sculptor at MECA. Jack has written 3 books on architecture which are available at Studio 53 and on Amazon.