Schmid Preserve Advisory Board

Leone’s legacy

Sat, 06/22/2024 - 8:45am

    The Schmid Preserve Advisory Board presented Bob Leone, past Schmid Advisory Board chairman, with two trail signs made by Joe McSwain, to recognize his trail design and construction on the Schmid Preserve during the past two decades. The 766 acre Schmid Preserve now has approximately 8 miles of trails including a large portion of the River Link Trail which Leone laid out and constructed. Since his tenure, several more trails have been added for mountain biking. We wanted to thank Bob for his generous donation of time and expertise to establish the Schmid Preserve trail network and his leadership over the years.

    The Advisory board has hired John Copeland of Kennebec Trails to review the current trail network and make suggestions for trail improvements and rerouting that might be required due to changes in use and the results of a changing climate since the first design was established by Bob Leone.

    An excellent crew of volunteers maintains the trail network and has work days several times a year, spring and fall while doing additional trail work off and on throughout the year. Mike Smith, former Edgecomb selectboard chair and past Advisory Board member, presented the trail signs to Bob at a potluck cookout for the board.