Lincoln County property transfers in July

Tue, 08/24/2021 - 8:30am

    The Lincoln County Registry of Deeds provided the following information on property transfers recorded in July:

    Alna: Sniffen, Peter to Suchoff, Jessica O'Rourke, Gardner, Kaitlyn and O'Rourke, Suchoff Jessica; Joyal, Heather Davis, Joyal, James K. and Davis, Joyal Heather to Joyal, James K. Tr, Heather M. Davis Joyal Trust, Joyal, Heather M. Davis Trust and Joyal, Heather M. Davis Tr; Hilton, John R. Tr, Hilton, John R. Amended and Restated Revocable Living Trust and John R. Hilton Amended and Restated Revocable Living Trust to Samuel Hilton Memorial Land Trust, Hilton, Samuel Memorial Land Trust, Hilton, Dennis Tr, Hilton, Nathan Tr, Hilton, Christopher Tr and Hilton, John R. Tr; Lank, Linda and Currier, Linda Pipkin to Heald, Jenna Lynn; Alna Inhab Of to Tillson, Jessica Lyn P R and Cheney, John C. Est; Tillson, Jessica L. P R and Cheney, John Calvin Est. to Jankovich, Arthur L. Jr; Pepple, Susan A. and Libman, Barry M. to Arnold, Pamela J. and Arnold, Ian T.; Christiana Trust Tr, Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB Tr, Morrison, Philip and Morrison, Eliza to Elliot, Jo Ann and Elliot, Edward Scott.

    Boothbay: McMahon, Arthur J., McMahon, Arthur, McMahon, Joann E. and McMahon, Jo Ann to Maxwell, Dennis G. Tr, Zuniga, Jennifer C. Tr and K J and N S M Realty Trust; Carter, Douglas A. to Lee, David and Lee, Jennifer; Thor Properties LLC to St. James Properties LLC; Cowan, Paul M. and Cowan, Diane L. to Cowan, Carrie R.; McNutt, Matthew A. and McNutt, Jonathan D. to Bowman, Allen; Farrin, Patrick A. to Farrin, Patrick A. Tr, Patrick A. Farrin Living Trust and Farrin, Patrick A. Living Trust; Farrin, Patrick A. to Farrin, Patrick A. Tr, Patrick A. Farrin Living Trust and Farrin, Patrick A. Living Trust; Wood, Eric M. to Rice, Kristine S. and Rice, Timothy M.; Davis, Stephen, Imhof, Michele, Davis, Stephen E. and Imhof, Michele L. to Davis, Stephen and  Imhof, Michele; Fisher, Mary Madeline and Fisher, Anthony B. to Driftwood Cottage LLC; Boothbay Inhab Of to Carter, Howard; Kane, Brendan and Kane, Brendan W. to Black, Bryan Scott and Chaplin, Vera A.; Schwartz, Carolyn M. to Carolyn M. Schwartz Revocable Living Trust, Schwartz, Carolyn M. Revocable Living Trust and Schwartz, Carolyn M. Tr; Spurgin, Robert L. and Spurgin, Virginia M. to Bertin, Christopher and Davis, Carol J.; North, Anne K. and North, Charles E. III to Hodgdon, Audrey and Easton, Caleb; Barker, Alan J. and Barker, Anne to Flores, Victor Ivan and Flores, Kjirsten; Pitzer, Janet C. and Pitzer, William Est. to Martin, Dora J. and Martin, John C.; Oldershaw, Robert L. to Wadsworth, Patricia; George, Richard W. and George, Danielle R. to Patel, Nimishabe P. and Patel, Milan T.

    Boothbay Harbor: Burt, Richard and Burt, Barbara to Leland, Todd W. and Leland, Barbara B.; Winters, Carol L., Brewer, Dale Amber, Brewer, Norman George and Brewer, Terry Ann to Burnham, Lisa Ann; Cohen, Angela and Marsh, Angela to Christy, Brittney Christina and Cohen, Angela; Osborn, Mark C. and Makarewicz, Brian J. to Boothbay Vacation Properties LLC; Topside Inn Properties LLC to Boothbay Vacation Properties LLC; Cozy Condo Inc to McGow, Samantha Lindsley; Malcom, Stephen L. to Barrett, Martha B. Tr, Stephen L Malcom Living Trust, Malcom, Stephen L. Living Trust and Malcom, Stephen L. Tr; Jobes, Theodore H. and Jobes, Elizabeth V. to Winter, Douglas R. and Winter, Barbara A.; Seminare, James R. to 78 Crest LLC; Barter, Aaron T. to Barter, Gary R.

    Dresden: Long, George C. to Gleason, David C.; McMorrow J., Brendan to Sours, Tammy J. and Sours, Shane L.; Ahern, Peter L. Tr, Betty May H. Falton Revocable Trust and Falton, Betty May H. Revocable Trust to Turco, Jean; Ahern, Peter L. Tr, Betty May H. Falton Revocable Trust and Falton, Betty May H. Revocable Trust to Ahern, Peter L.;  Turco, Jean to Ahern, Peter L.; Ahern, Peter L. to Turco, Jean; Grover, Richard A. to Broadwater Properties LLC;  Fairservice, Franklin C. Jr and Fairservice, Robin J. to Barnes, April M.;  Weston, Elizabeth to Rye, Kerry; Ottum, John W. G. and Ottum, Karen A. to Menard, Mark Omer.

    Edgecomb: Edelson, Harry and Edelson, Jonelle to Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust; Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust to Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust Tr and  Edelson Preserve Declaration Of Trust; Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust to Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust Tr and Piontkowski Middle Road Preserve Declaration Of Trust; Andreoli, Penny and Gerwick, Donald W. to Pourshadi, Majid Tr and Village Way Nominee Trust; Demeester, Julie A. Tr, Julie A. Demeester Family Trust and Demeester, Julie A. Family Trust to Gagne, Christine M. and Gagne, David A.; Clifford, Jeffrey C. to Clifford, Jeffrey C. and Clifford, Cheryl A.; Budner, Ann R. and Hollenberg, Harry N. to Budner, Ann Tr, Budner, Ann 2001 Trust, Ann Budner 2001 Trust and Hollenberg, Harry Tr; Howe, Ryan Joseph to Digiovanni, Barbara J.;  Durrell, Stephen O. and Durell, Linda M. to Mackay, Daniel A., Mackay, Maureen and Mackay, Eileen A.; Pedersen, Timothy S., Pedersen, Christine A. and Pedersen, Christine to Pedersen Family Living Trust, Pedersen, Timothy S. Tr and Pedersen, Christine A. Tr; Graffam, Jeremy D. and Graffam, Crystal M. to Murphy, Ryan K. and Murphy, Laura E.; Darden, Jesse R. and Darden, Andriene to Puddington, Jeffrey P. and Puddington, Michele M.

    Southport: Brewer, Nora E. R. to Brewer, Maynard;  Brewer, Nora E. R. to Durham, Amy E. and Brewer, Donald E. Jr.; Dannels, Mark D. to Mayes, Charity H.; Harris, Bruce M. to Abbe, John T.; Harris, Medea D. to Abbe, John T.; Pellarin, Mary L. to O'Gara, Robert Dominick and O'Gara Isabel Wise; Kinsey, Bruce to Kinsey Family Trust and Sullivan, Gretchen Kinsey Tr; Salisbury, Judith R. to Danielson, Antje M. F.; Salisbury, Judith R. to Toft, Monica M. and Toft, Ivan M.; Bunkowske, Larry A. Tr, Larry A. Bunkowske Trust Agreement, Bunkowske, Larry A. Trust Agreement, Bunkowske, Joy B. Tr, Joy M. Bunkowske Trust Agreement and Bunkowske, Joy M. Trust Agreement to  PGC10 LLC; Carswell, Gary P R and Pringle, William P. Jr to Bowden, Laila C. Tr, Robert L Bowden Ii and Laila C. Bowden Family Living Trust, Bowden, Robert L. II and Bowden Laila C. Family Living Trust and Bowden, Robert L. II Tr; Randlett, Royce Jr. to Randlett, Ashley E. Tr, Randlett, Dana B. Tr and Randlett Squirrel Island Trust; Swingbridge Partners LLC to Bunkowske, Larry A. Tr, Larry A. Bunkowske Trust, Bunkowske, Larry A. Trust, Bunkowske, Joy M. Trust, Joy M. Bunkowske Trust and Bunkowske, Joy M. Tr; Drayer, Sanders B. Tr, Drayer, Ralph W. Tr, Sanders B. Drayer Revocable Trust and Drayer, Sanders B. Revocable Trust to Drayer, Sanders B. and Drayer, Ralph W.; Drayer, Sanders B. to Drayer, Sanders B. Tr, S Drayer Maine Personal Residence Trust and Drayer, S. Maine Personal Residence Trust; Drayer, Ralph W. to Drayer, Ralph W. Tr, R. Drayer Maine Personal Residence Trust and Drayer, R. Maine Personal Residence Trust.

    Westport Island: Skidmore, Margaret V. and Sparrow, Julie C. to Skidmore, Margaret V. and Skidmore, Carl E.; Averill, Peggy S. P R, Nichols, Elaine L. P R and Cromwell, Phoebe A. Est. to Dikitanan, Joseph Jr.; Bell, Tracy A. to McLellan, Richard C.; Bailey, Debbie Ann P R and Colby, Hazel I. Est. to Reed, Wallis and Reed, Joshua; Skidmore, Margaret V. and Sparrow, Julie C. to Kennedy, Robert K. and Kennedy, Victoria M.; Brown, Jeanette H. Tr to Harrison, Ronald L.; Hodgkins, Cynthia W. to Hogan, Megan Hodgkins.

    Wiscasset: Gardner, Kaitlyn R. to Brandt, Mary Beth and Brandt, John Robert; Joyce, Tracy D. and Joyce, Thomas M. Jr. to Joyce, Thomas M. Jr. Tr, Joyce, Tracy D. Tr, Tracy D. Joyce Revocable Trust, Joyce, Tracy D. Revocable Trust, Thomas M. Joyce Jr. Revocable Trust and Joyce, Thomas M. Jr. Revocable Trust; Garricks, Velma I. and Garricks, Lenan to Garricks, Lenan; Guidoboni, Norman to Fitzpatrick, Ryan A. and Severson, Kelsi D.; Kochan, James L. and Dolce, Kim Lauren to Woods, Paul Bradshaw and Ichton, Elizabeth A.; Hutchins, Alexander C. to Bardsley, Craig S. and Bardsley, Dina L.; Mehrl, Regina and Preble, Regina to Littlefield, Joel Stephen and Littlefield, Callie Elisabeth; Benner, Bruce M. to Chartom LLC; Harris, Cynthia A. P R and Harris, Sherry E. Est to Harris, Cynthia A. and Harris, Cynthia Ann; Sherman. Norman P. to Akabu Ltd; Beland, Dessie L. and Beland, Mark S. to Walker, Julia T. and Loring, Evan; Nichols, Wendy S. and Werkmeister, Mark S. to Olszewski, Michael; Hatt, Stephen L. and Hatt, Kimberly L. to Salter, Elissa A.