Lincoln County property transfers in May

Fri, 06/02/2023 - 11:15am

    Lincoln County Registry of Deeds provided the following information on property transfers recorded in May:

    Alna: Teixeira, Sean E. to Lecuyer, Edgar C.; Moore, Edward and Moore, Susan to Moore, Edward, Moore, Susan and Holderman, Verna; Thornton, Linda to Christine, Peter and Christine, Kris.

    Boothbay: Gregory, Dorothy A. to Gregory, Dorothy A. Tr, Gregory, Dorothy A. Inter Vivos Trust and Dorothy A. Gregory Inter Vivos Trust;  Loonie, Brian T., Loonie, Donna R. and Lonnie, Donna R.  to Loonie, Brian T. Tr, Loonie, Donna R. Tr and Loonie Family Trust; Rowe, Christopher B. Tr and Rowe Family Trust to Utley, John M. and Utley, Pamela M.; Campbell, Jaime and Campbell, Ronnie to Zeizel, Jeffrey and Zeizel, Vivizen; Witham, David C. and Witham, Margaret S. to Witham, Zachary John, Witham, Silas Carmine and Witham, Hanna Jee; May, Gregory S. and May, Greg S. to Gerrig, Beth Ellen; Knapp, Mary O. and Pearce, Mary to Knapp, Carrie J. Tr and Knapp Family Irrevocable Trust; Giles, Linda S. to Frazer, Ashley R.; Schyberg, Robert B. and Schyberg, Diane J. to WRRL2 LLC; Anderson, Peter J. and Anderson, Donna M. to May, Keith F. and May, Carol E.; Oak Hill Partners LLC to Patel, Rajan Chandrakant and Patel, Rupal; Hawkins, Christine Tr, Judith Paine Special Needs Trust and Paine, Judith Special Needs Trust to Lewis, Jeffrey and Lewis, Heather.

    Boothbay Harbor: Gilchrist, Barrett L. Tr and Gilchrist Family 2017 Trust to Munnell, Pamela G. Tr, Gilchrist, Barrett L. 2022 Trust, Barrett L Gilchrist 2022 Trust and Gilchrist, Barrett L. Tr; Harrington, Brandon M., Jackson, Jazpyer Stells and Harrington, Tabetha L. to Nichols, Wendy S; McKendrick, Stephen John and McKendrick, Eva K. to Rosenberg, David C. and Rosenberg, Jennifer C.; Cooper, George Jr. to Cooper, Christine M. Tr, George Cooper Family Irrevocable Trust and Cooper, George Family Irrevocable Trust; Best, Lisa N. and Best, Lisa Naum to Muir, Katherine M. and Muir, Craig D.; Tuscher, Stephen F. and Tuscher, Susan M. Adam to Midcoast Hospitality Group LLC;  5052 Union BBH LLC to 60 Union Street LLC; First United Methodist Church Of Boothbay Harbor, Boothbay Harbor First United Methodist Church Of and Church Of Boothbay Harbor First United Methodist to Appleton, Julie A.

    Edgecomb: SHM Realty LLC to J Black Properties LLC; Rines, Glenwood F. Jr. and Rines, Patricia D. to Swifka, Joseph and Hughes, Emily; Brault, Junellen W. to Dalton, Karen C.; Tindall, Scott to Malmsten, Bridget; Potter, Beverly A. to Edgecomb Enterprises Inc.

    Southport:  Katzev, Susan W. to Katzev, Susan W. Tr, Myette, Thomas Jr. Tr, Susan W. Katzev Revocable Trust and Katzev, Susan W. Revocable Trust; Conant, Peter A., Conant, Stephen W. and Reiser, Margaret C. to Mary's Point LLC; Pickul, Joseph P. and Mundy, Jill Peters to Mundy, Jill Peters Tr, Pickul, Joseph Peter Tr and Mundy and Pickul Family Trust; Gamage, Gerald L. to Gamage, Gerald W. and Gamage, Jesse L.; Fessenden, Matthew to Brown, Kristen J. and Beherrell, Herbert M.; Azzoni, Michael to Doyle, Kip Tr, Doyle Kip Azzoni Tr, Kip Azzoni Doyle Revocable Trust and Doyle, Kip Azzoni Revocable Trust; Brewer, Linda and Johnson, Larry to Michael, Kylie A.; Brownridge, Sharon G. to Brownridge, Sharon G. Revocable Trust and Sharon G. Brownridge Revocable Trust.

    Westport Island: Richard, Sarah Day Tr, Lois E. Mason Trust, Mason, Lois E. Trust, Mason Frederick Dike III Tr, Frederick Dike Mason Trust and Mason Frederick Dike Trust  to Kennebec Estuary Land Trust; Gleason, Jeanette H. and Brown, Jeanette Hodgdon to German, Donald A. Jr. and German, Julie E.;  Cromwell, Chrystine E. P R and Cromwell, Dana E. Est to Sherman, Norman P. and Needham, Beverly M.

    Wiscasset: Lemar, George W. III to Banek, Michelle I.; Maple Property Holdings LLC to Oak Property Holdings LLC; Wade, Teresa E. P R and Chubbuck, Brian W. Est to Rankin, Jeremy and Rankin, Jeremy E. K.; Robinson, Diane to Lynnworth Maddie, Lynnworth, Madison M. and Rudman, Eric W.; Gove, William H. Jr., Gove, William H. and Gove, William to Van Geyte, Denise Lee Tr, Denise Lee Van Geyte Revocable Living Trust and Van Geyte, Denise Lee Revocable Living Trust; Andretta, James P R and Andretta, Gail Marie Est to Andretta, John; Blagdon, Jenna M. and Blagdon, Corey to Johnson, Matthew Lucas; Rector, Laurie A. P R and Koehling, Bernard G III Est to Rector, Laurie A and Koehling, Charles W; Shepherd, Mary E to Shepherd, Mary E, Stevens, Heather L S, Shepherd, Rachel A and Shepherd, Laura L; Wenlock, Edge LLC to Soule, Blaine M and Soule, Marguerite Rafter; Almasi, Stephen D., Cheney, Stephanie T., Almasi, Crystal E., Almasi, Crystle J. Estes and Estes, Almasi Crystle J. to Diehl, Michael W. and Diehl, Allison C.; Wiz Industrial LLC to Acorn Property Holdings LLC;  Wiscasset, Inhab Of to Foster, Gregory;  Wiscasset, Inhab Of to Thomas, Donna and Thomas, Steven.