Lincoln County Republicans celebrate ‘Lincoln Day’

Wed, 02/28/2024 - 11:00am

    Lincoln County seems like a great place to celebrate a “Lincoln Day Dinner” even if this year it was a brunch. A Lincoln Day Dinner is an annual celebration of the Republican Party and a fundraising event for Republican Party affiliated organizations at the county level. The Lincoln County Maine Republicans celebrated the event on Feb. 10 at the 1812 Farm in Bristol.

    Speakers at the event were Pastor John Vermilion of the Midcoast Fellowship (meets in Damariscotta) who gave the invocation, Maine House Minority Leader, Billy Bob Faulkingham of Winter Harbor, and author and historian Colin McWay of Westport Island. Attendees also enjoyed some great songs sung by The Windjammers Barbershop Quartet. 

    In tribute to Abraham Lincoln, who apparently had a sweet tooth, there was also a silent auction of some of his favorite desserts: Blackberry pie (apparently the only dessert served at his first Inaugural), Mary Todd’s famous white almond cake (her “courting cake” she baked whenever Abe came for a visit), pecan pie (laced with a bit of bourbon), apple pie and gingerbread men cookies (which were his favorite as a child).

    Collin McWay spent most of his career in telecommunications, specializing in tactical communications for first responders, Homeland Security and Special Operations. He is also a historian and authored a book, “A Citizen on the Constitution, Consent and Communism.”

    Representative Billy Bob Faulkingham is a fourth generation fisherman out of Winter Harbor and has served in the Maine House since 2018.  He has been fighting for the Maine fishermen in Augusta.

    Abraham Lincoln was the first elected president of the Republican Party who helped found and shape the party and he is famous for having issued the Emancipation Proclamation which freed all slaves.