Lincoln County Republicans

Mon, 11/25/2019 - 11:45am

The Lincoln County Republican Committee held its monthly meeting on Nov. 20 at the Newcastle Fire Station. The meeting was very well attended, with many familiar faces and a number of new faces. This is exciting and encouraging for our upcoming caucuses and elections.

We were joined by knowledgeable and exceptional speakers from the Maine Heritage Policy Center. The MHPC aims to represent a conservative view for the taxpayers at the Legislature, and they initiate bills, study others’ bills and give testimony on the consequences of bills.

Nick Murray, the outreach director and Jacob Posik, director of communications, gave a fine presentation entitled The Seven Bites at the Augusta Apple. We were informed of the stages of the process necessary to pass a bill through the Legislature. Mr. Murray and Mr. Posik pointed out opportunities when citizens can present their views, and perhaps educate and impact our elected officials. After all, as the adage goes, making laws is like making sausage- figuring out what goes in is much of the battle. Once citizens know where a particular bill is in the process, they can take specific action to express their views. For example, when a bill is scheduled for a public hearing, people can go to Augusta, give testimony on particular bills, or just show support or disagreement by being present at the public hearing. Another interesting stage of the process, which people may not be aware of, is once the Legislation has passed, and is waiting for the Governor to sign, they can write or call the Governor’s office and explain why their suggested action should be taken on the bill.

Attendees also learned how to sign up to track a specific bill and how to obtain a legislative calendar. Members of our Legislative bodies have met, and there are approximately 500 bills that have been deemed ‘emergency’ for this next session. These bills need our input. There was a general discussion of when laws take effect, what is going on with the Quebec Hydro corridor and what future benefits it can bring to Maine citizens, as well as the pitfalls of rank choice voting.

We also heard from Representative Jeff Hanley of Pittston regarding specific upcoming bills, like the $.40 per gallon carbon tax on gasoline proposed by 60+ democrats, which will be a terrible burden for our rural citizenry.

There was a discussion of Lincoln County town caucuses which will take place either Feb. 27th or March 6 at the Great Bay School in Damariscotta. We have step-by-step instruction for carrying out this very important function, and we have many helpers who are willing to participate, however, we need a chairperson to take the reins and make sure this happens. Please contact one of the Executive Committee Members at their mailbox listed on the soon to be launched new website for the LCRC if you can fill this need, or help in any way.

Our excellent U.S. House of Representatives candidate, Dr. Jay Allen, also participated in the meeting. He apprised us of a successful fund raiser for his candidacy that recently occurred in Augusta.

Our official Headquarters will soon be opening at 241 U.S. Rt 1, Damariscotta. An open house will be announced within the next week or two. We also need some more volunteers to staff the office. This is an easy and flexible way for Republicans who would like to join our effort to participate. We hope well intended people who would like to share ideas will visit us there.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, Dec. 11 at the Nobleboro (Minnehata) Fire Station at 192 Route 1 , Nobleboro at 6:30 p.m. for social time, 7 p.m. for our monthly meeting. Besides conducting the regular business of the LCRC, our scheduled speaker is Julie D Rabinowitz , Director of Policy and Communication for Maine People Before Politics. Hopefully, past and present legislators, along with Republican and Unaffiliated candidates for office, will join us to say a few words about their positions. Anyone who wishes to come and listen to our conservative ideas and share their own values are welcome.