From the assistant editor


Wed, 04/28/2021 - 8:45am

    The line at Bath Iron Works’ annual picnic at Thomas Point Beach when I was growing up was long, but part of the tradition, with people holding big empty cardboard boxes and returning to their families with the barbecue chicken and chips. And 40 years ago, when we were at Disney World, unless it was raining, lines were just part of the experience of being in a famous place built for memory-making fun.

    For me, sometime later, due to growing up, lines became something to avoid. If a store’s lines are long, I will go to the self checkout, if there is one. And a long line at a fast food or bank drive through might turn me away. But these days, some lines are almost welcome. People are a year past the lockdowns and partial lockdowns, and more and more of us are ready for in-person shopping, dining and events again, with precautions for however long they are needed.

    The pandemic took away or changed much of the activity people line up for. That pales to what it took from so many families across the U.S. and world. So waiting in a socially distanced line now for a cone or admission, or even in a store or a bank lobby, is something to appreciate.