LMP Family Medicine returns to Wiscasset location

Mon, 04/27/2020 - 3:00pm

    After spending nearly a month providing an additional layer of support on LincolnHealth’s Miles campus during the COVID-19 pandemic, the team from Lincoln Medical Partners’ Family Medicine in Wiscasset has returned to its office on 49 Hooper Street. The Wiscasset team is able to make this move because LincolnHealth’s preparedness for a potential surge in patients is complete.

    “We appreciate the flexibility of all of our teams during this unprecedented time,’’ said Timothy Fox, LincolnHealth’s chief medical officer. “We know that the Wiscasset team could easily be re-deployed should the need arise, but this is right time for the team to return to the Wiscasset community.”

    LMP Wiscasset will continue to treat its patients using the latest precautions to assure safety of all concerned. Appointments via secure video chat is one way that we are checking in with our patients.

    If it is determined that your needs that can only be addressed in person, you will be asked a series of questions about your symptoms and have your temperature checked when you arrive. In some cases, we may come to your vehicle to provide care.

    If you come into the office, our team members will be wearing masks and one of them will provide you with a mask to wear. We continue to make sure we are practicing social distancing and are making an extra effort to keep patients who are ill away from one another.

    “We want our patients to give us a call if they have any health concerns,’’ Fox said. “Patients with chronic health conditions that need monitoring should not put off care, and childhood immunizations should continue. We will take all the precautions needed to keep you safe while providing the care you need.”

    Patients can reach the LMP Wiscasset team by calling 882-7911.