Mammy’s Bakery in Wiscasset benefits Alzheimer’s Foundation, one cupcake at a time

Fri, 12/15/2017 - 7:00am

    A new baker in Wiscasset is making some mouthwateringly delectable bread and sweet treats.

    Jessica Deshiro specializes in Italian bread and cookies, thanks to her Italian grandmother, Mary Lou, who she calls Mammy. Mammy, and Deshiro’s other grandmother taught her to bake at an early age, and Deshiro has wanted to own a baking business ever since. “I’ve been getting my hands into dough since I was 4 or 5,” she said.

    “This has been a long time coming. Baking has been a passion for years.” Deshiro was so inspired by Mammy, she named her business after her. And because Mammy is battling Alzheimer’s disease, Deshiro donates 10 percent of her proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Foundation. “We try to bring awareness to the foundation and the disease one cupcake at a time,” she said.

    Originally from Massachusetts, Deshiro and her fiance, Gabriel McCoy, moved to Wiscasset in 2010. McCoy, a veteran, divides his time between taking college classes in accounting and helping Deshiro with the finance end of the business.

    Before moving to Maine and taking up baking full time, Deshiro worked in the clerical field. When she arrived in Wiscasset there wasn’t much opportunity for that type of work, so she took jobs working in kitchens – at Miles Hospital in Damariscotta, and then, two years ago she found her dream job as the baker at Weatherbird in Damariscotta.

    Deshiro said she has the freedom to bake some of her favorite recipes in that kitchen. “I love my job there. They’re great people, and they are open to creativity.”

    She still works at Weatherbird. She bakes for her own business in her spare time.

    Besides her Italian breads and cookies, Deshiro makes whoopie pies, cupcakes, brownies and cakes. The whoopie pie flavors will change with the seasons. At present, the two most popular flavors are pumpkin with maple cream cheese filling, and gingerbread with lemon cream cheese filling. “That one is huge right now.”

    Deshiro said though her primary focus right now has landed on whoopie pies, she hadn’t planned on getting in the whoopie pie business. “They just seem to be in high demand right now.”

    Mammy’s Bakery whoopie pies are available at Beelicious in Wiscasset. And as Beelicios specializes in honey and honey-laden goods, Deshiro said she will soon be making a honey whoopie pie with raspberry cream cheese filling.

    Mammy’s Bakery, presently located in “Little Italy” at Deshiro’s home in Wiscasset, is open to custom orders. Deshiro hopes to open a storefront in Wiscasset soon.

    Call or text 207-504-4104, or contact Mammy’s Bakery through Facebook and Etsy.

    Mammy’s will deliver from Wiscasset to Waldoboro with no delivery charge on orders of $25 and over. She has enlisted fanily members and her fiancé to make those deliveries.

    Deshiro said she’s happy she is able to have a business that incorporates her two greatest passions. “My mammy is in the last stage of Alzheimer’s, so this business was started for her. A lot of the recipes are hers. I’m carrying that on.

    At a recent Walk to End Alzheimer's event, Deshiro sold cupcakes, with 100 percent of the proceeds being donated to the Alzheimer’s Foundation. "It was in honor of my Mammy ... We will one day find a cure even if it’s one cupcake at a time."