March property transfers

Fri, 04/10/2020 - 8:00am

The Lincoln County Registry of Deeds provided the following information on property transfers recorded in March:

Alna: Wallace, Donna J. to Wallace, Donna J. and Wallace, David N.; Conte, Abigail Jean, Buswell, Abigail Jean and Conte, Elliot Adrian to Smith, Rori and Colleran, Brian.

Boothbay: Cassels, Elisabeth A. and Cassels, Elemuel G. to Weiss, Joy M. and Weiss, Alexander W.; Hodgdon, Marine LLC to Jones, Olive M. and Harriman, Matthew J.; Lind, Norman H. and Lind, Mary A. to Gleason, Dennis J. and Gleason, Martha W.; Blake, Neil F. T.r and Blake Realty Trust to West Harbor LLC; Arrouet, Andre C. and Arrouet, Patricia T. to Woodcock, Robert C. and Woodcock, Celia H.; Blake, Gary I. and Blake, Cathy L. to Clark, Kathleen M.; Dubois, Stephen J. and Dubois, Maureen E. to Parker, Allison B. Tr., Dubois, Stephen J. and Dubois Maureen E. Irrevocable Trust II and Stephen J. Dubois and Maureen E. Dubois Irrevocable Trust II; King Pamela P. to King, Bruce P. Tr., King, Pamela P. Tr. and King Living Trust; Lancaster, Craig and Lorello, Elisa to Thyen, Jason and Thyen, Ruth; Spofford, Richard R. to Spofford, Ronald Jared.

Boothbay Harbor: C P P LLC to Capn Fish Real Estate Holdings LLC; Chapman, Troy P. and Chapman, Emery to Ojkovica LLC; Wheeler, Patricia C. to Copp, Bruce G. and Copp, Tracy J.; Ellis, Eric Lee to Dirubbo, Nancy Tr., Dirubbo, Nancy E. Revocable Trust and Nancy E. Dirubbo Revocable Trust; Hurd, Jane Newcomb and Severance, Roger D. to On The Harbor LLC; Andrews, William S. and Andrews, Heather M.S. to Putrino, Cary P. and Putrino, Joan S.; Peck, Donald J. Tr.,Peck, Patricia L. Tr., Peck, Patricia M. Tr., Donald J. Peck and Patricia M. Peck Living Trust and Peck, Donald J. and Peck Patricia M. Living Trust to Peck, Donald J. Tr., Peck, Patricia L. Tr., Donald J. Peck 2020 Revocable Trust, Patricia L. Peck 2020 Revocable Trust, Peck, Patricia L. 2020 Revocable Trust and Peck, Donald J. 2020 Revocable Trust; Testa, Richard M. and Testa, Maureen A. to Dow, Linda L. and Dow, Geoffrey L.; Rosenberg, Harry C., Rosenberg, Deborah E. and Rosenberg, Deborah B. to Dilley, R. James Tr., Murray, Sarah J. Trust and Sarah J. Murray Trust; Drisko, Johnson Margaret, Johnson, Margaret Drisko and Johnson, Brooks N. to Johnson, Margaret Drisko and Drisko, Johnson Margaret; Witt, Thomas B. Tr., Witt, Susan H. Tr. and Witt Family Living Trust to Schatz, James A. and Souza, Peter E. Jr.

Dresden: Shea, Ryan Russell to James, David E.; James Tr. and James Revocable Living Trust to Marino, Mark A. and Marino, Lucinda; Stewart, Daniel R. and Stewart, Deborah A. to Popps Road Development LLC; Daigle Family Irrevocable Trust and Daigle, Jean M. Tr. to Whitman, Peggy L.; Allen, Robert Lee to Maine State Of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife; Deschaine, Michael R. to Tosteson, Ingrid; Thomas, John W. III to Russell, Tyrell A. and Russell, Arthur M.; Smith, William P. II to Smith, William P. II and Smith, Benjamin Riley; Bryant, Kerry P. and Bryant, Elizabeth G. to Skillin, Lauren L. and Skillin, Jarod M.; Lemar, Linda M. P R and Dorr, Charlotte G. Est. to Dorr, Robert E.; United States Of America Va to Bone, Susan, Wheeler, Amanda and Pomerleau, Danny; Beckwith, Brandy M. to Dewine, James R. and Ramirez, Merek R.

Edgecomb: Edgecomb Inhab Of to Plummer, Todd; Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB Tr., Matawin Ventures Trust Series 2018-1, Hynes, Michael and Hynes, Maureen to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB Tr. and Matawin Ventures Trust Series 2018-1; U S Bank N A Tr., Manufactured Housing Contract Senior Subordinate Pass Through Certificates Trust, Peaslee, Joel F. and Becker, Jennifer E. to U S Bank N A Tr. and Manufactured Housing Contract Senior Subordinate Pass Through Certificates Trust; True, Kenneth W., True, Lena Holbrook and Holbrook, True Lena to Spaltro, Alyssabeth; Hidden, Karyn to Karyn E. Hidden Trust, Hidden, Karyn E. Trust and Hidden, Karyn E. Tr.; Timbers, Carolyn Eddy, Devost, Nancy Timbers and Timbers, William W. to Devost, Nancy Timbers and Timbers, William W.; Ring Point LLC to Simmons, Antonina; Simmons, Antonina to Simmons, Antonina and Mackenzie, Jean; Groneng, Nils and Groneng, Melanie to Farmer, Karen E. Tr., Karen E. Farmer  Revocable Living Trust and Farmer, Karen E. Revocable Living Trust; Garber, Paul G. to Garber, Paul M.

Southport: Snowman, Evelyn to Page, Lisa M., Page, Neal D. and Landry, Lisa M.; Powell, Mariann to Powell, Mark L. Tr., Powell, Mariann Tr. and Powell Trust.

Westport Island: Norcott, Bryan A. to Strong, David A. and Strong, Hillary S.; Elwell, Rickey P. and Elwell, Theresa J. to Creamer, Zachary and Green, Danielle; Haddy, Ariana E. and Haddy, Cody L. to Miller, William C. and Miller, Tara M.; Westport Island Inhab Of to Cowan, Robert T., Cowan, Michelle L. Schukay and Schukay, Cowan Michelle L.; Graham, Bruce W. Tr., Buchanan, Ann Tr. and Graham Family Living Trust to Roberts, J. Stewart.

Wiscasset: Martin, Dana and Martin, Norma to Brann, Todd M. and Brann, Sandra L.; Wiscasset Bath BTS Retail LLC to Frisco South Investors LLC;  Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Champion Mortgage Company, Ezzell, Virginia M. and Rice, Virginia M. to Federal National Mortgage Association; Milligan, Gregory S., Milligan, Nora E. and Bannerman, Nora E. to Johnson, Lisa Marie Charland;  Knight, Abigail D. to Knight, Stacey D.; Savage, Christopher A. and Savage, Nicole M. to Gustafson, Gregory; Birch Point Storage LLC to Worg LLC; Wiscasset Inhab Of to Cole, Harold E.; Browne, Karla M. to Rose, Kathy E.; Delano, Merwin Alexander III to Delano, Talbot E. and Delano, Linda M.; Berry, Laurie C. P R and Carlton, John Lewis Est. to Moore, Nicole E.; Adams, Sandra L. to Adams, Clay A. Tr., Sandra L. Adams Irrevocable Trust and Adams, Sandra L. Irrevocable Trust; Sherman Norman P. to Gro Vest 101 LLC; Jones, Crystal D. and Jones, Malcolm R. to Jones, Crystal D.