New Aerus franchise owner Chris Tarr seeks feedback

Sat, 05/02/2020 - 5:00pm

Chris Tarr is the new owner of Aerus franchises in Rockland, Brunswick and Portland and in Claremont and Concord, New Hampshire. Tarr, 33, has been working tirelessly to reconnect with customers in the Boothbay region who may have had a less than stellar experience with Aerus in the past.

“Every customer who invests in equipment with our office is mailed a handwritten thank you card along with my business card with my email and personal cell phone number,” Tarr said. “(I) work very hard to provide great customer service to everyone in the Aerus family.”

Tarr started with Aerus as a representative about a year before buying the Brunswick franchise in 2018. As a new owner, he said his expectations for a customer service-oriented experience was a change for the business. “Please don’t get me wrong, being a brand new business owner at 31 there were certainly many learning curves and mistakes made along the way. Sometimes I still make mistakes, but those are the very things that have helped guide us to being able to provide better service to our customers today.”

Since buying the franchises and transitioning them to Healthy Home Experts, Tarr said his style of approach to customer service has given him positive feedback as he takes calls from customers daily. He takes a personal approach to services and concerns about product or financial quality, said Tarr.

This frees up company managers Eli Najim, a Newcastle native, and Michael Johnson to provide more face-to-face time with customers, Tarr said. “They take great pride in ensuring our customers have easy, transparent, accurate healthy home solutions provided to them … Eli will be doing most of the water testing and in-home/office sanitation that we've offered online …”

Tarr said when any equipment concerns arise, Najim and Johnson contact customers to determine the best solution, all of which is typically carried out within their 48-hour start-to-finish goal. Likewise, when customers call with plumbing concerns, certified master plumber Paul Turgeon will answer the call whether in the middle of the night or on the weekends, Tarr said.

Tarr’s goal after consolidating all his offices is to repair Aerus’s relationship with the Boothbay region community. Along with offering free annual water testing to every customer, Healthy Home Experts is offering free in-home/office sanitation services to combat concerns about the latest cold and flu viruses.

“For anyone who’s had a negative experience, I ask that you please contact me directly and allow us the opportunity to correct the experience. Over the last two years I’ve spent sometimes thousands of dollars each month correcting these negative experiences. I believe a company isn’t successful until you have ‘Raving Fans,’ a book I read about years ago that has been the basis for my vision of how a successful company should operate. We want people to be happy to the point they suggest us to their family, friends and neighbors without hesitation and consider us their first stop for healthy home solutions.”

To get in touch with Tarr, call his personal mobile, 1-207-659-1600, or the office, 1-207-729-3811, or email him at: