No lie, ‘My Son Pinocchio JR’ was magical

Sun, 03/10/2024 - 10:15am

The Opera House at Boothbay Harbor hosted its first Boothbay Region Y Arts play in years on Friday and Saturday, March 8 and 9. A cast of over 40 children and adults put on three shows of Disney’s “My Son Pinocchio: Geppetto’s Musical Tale” before huge and appreciative crowds. The main players gave outstanding performances under the direction of choreographer and director Emily Mirabile, arts and humanities director at Boothbay Region YMCA.

Andrew Luke as Geppetto was outstanding. He blended very well with the young Y Arts actors and actresses, and young actress Agatha Harris as Pinocchio seemed very comfortable working her first starring role with an adult. Other outstanding performances by the main players were given by Natalie Flagg as the Blue Fairy; Fiona Bishop, Scout Martin, Jessie Ullo and Kayla Watts as the Fairies in Training; Alan Baldwin as Stromboli, the puppet master; Nick Mirabile as Professor Buonragazzo, the child maker; and Soren Barker at the Ringleader of Pleasure Island.

According to licensee Music Theatre International, the brief synopsis of the story is “the classic tale of toymaker Geppetto’s little wooden puppet is given new life. This new musical, which retells the classic Disney story from Geppetto’s perspective, features the beloved classic songs, “When You Wish upon a Star” and “I’ve Got No Strings,” alongside a host of new songs by Oscar winner and Grammy Award winner Stephen Schwartz. Join the Blue Fairy, Stromboli and a lively cast of characters as Geppetto journeys beyond the toyshop to discover the meaning of family. When the Blue Fairy grants Geppetto's wish to bring his beloved puppet to life, the new father quickly learns that being a parent is full of challenges. He struggles to make his son ‘the perfect boy,’ only to lose him to a gang of Roustabouts. It is only when faced with the thought of never seeing Pinocchio again that Geppetto truly learns the joys of being a father and loving his child unconditionally.” 

A group of 13 Y Arts parents added greatly to the show as Town Mothers and Town Fathers. The comedic scenes during the singing of “Toys” prompted much laughter from the audiences.

Mirabile, in her welcoming monologue, spoke very kindly about the man for which the production was dedicated, the late Kit Sherrill of Southport. Kit was a great supporter of the Boothbay Region Y Arts program and participated in several productions, including Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol” and Kris Kringle in “A Miracle on 34th Street.”

Next up for Y Arts is the production of “Willy Wonka JR,” which will be performed May 23 and 24 at Lincoln Theater in Damariscotta.