An Ocean Point outdoor baptism in December

Thu, 01/09/2020 - 11:15am

Wind and snow provided a peaceful backdrop at Wilson Memorial Chapel at Ocean Point on Monday afternoon, Dec. 30 for a quaint baptism ceremony for 5-month-old Meredith Jones, daughter of Cheryl Pappas and Alex Jones of Bermuda. Cheryl is a Boothbay native and graduate of Boothbay Region High School. The baptism was conducted by former Boothbay Harbor Congregational Church minister Peter Panagore of East Boothbay.

Meredith’s family members present included her great-grandmother Liz Dodson of Falmouth Foreside, grandmother Carol Clay and uncle Michael Clay-Allen of Edgecomb, great aunt Jill (Clay) and great uncle Charlie Carrick, and cousins Grace and Jordan Carrick and Jordan’s wife, Shani. Due to weather, grandfather John and Anne Pappas of Brunswick and aunt Carol (Pappas) McKay of Dover, New Hampshire were unable to attend.

Standing under the door overhang of the chapel, Panagore led the baptism with family members gathered in the freshly fallen snow. Meredith was quiet and good-tempered for the ceremony. After about three minutes, the group departed and celebrated at the Carricks’ home on Farnham Point.