Press release

Old Ferry Road culvert project update

Wed, 05/29/2024 - 8:45am

    The Old Ferry Road Culvert Replacement is a significant step towards our shared vision of a sustainable and thriving community. This project illustrates the Town’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and environmental stewardship.

    The town has worked with numerous federal and state agencies to upgrade this critical infrastructure, an undersized and failing culvert. Old Ferry Road, where this culvert is located, is the sole point of access to several large employers, such as Molnlycke (130 employees), Maine Yankee (40 employees), a Central Maine Power facility, and a public boat launch used by wormers and clammers (about 25-30). Also, it conveys that a public sewer main is at risk of being discharged into the marsh should the culvert fail.

    The total cost of this culvert replacement project will be about $1.86 million, with a substantial portion of the total project being funded through grants. The Town received $1.85 million in grants from the following programs: the Maine Department of Marine Resources Coast Wise program, the Maine DEP Stream Crossing program, and the FEMA Hazard Mitigation program. All the Town’s preliminary work on the project, such as design and engineering, was approved at the Annual Town Meeting three years ago for $500,000.

    The Town contracted with T. Buck Construction of Turner to install the new culvert. The estimated completion date is July. This new culvert fixes a critical link to an essential part of town and is a climate-resilient and ecologically supportive tidal crossing.