PAC makes project recommendations

Posted:  Tuesday, December 5, 2017 - 8:45am

Wiscasset’s Public Advisory Committee will go forward with its amenity recommendations on the downtown project. The panel will make a presentation to the select board  Dec. 19.

Eight PAC members met Monday night in the hearing room. It was their first meeting since the select board filed litigation regarding the Maine Department of Transportation’s $5 million project.

PAC members’ recommendations included deferring a decision about tree plantings to the select board. Six of the members were against tree plantings in the Main Street area between Middle and Water streets. Rather than make that recommendation, the committee chose to honor results of respondents to MDOT’s survey.

If selectmen decide to include trees, the PAC suggests they consult an arborist on what tree variety should be planted – one that would require little maintenance.

PAC members were unanimous in recommending MDOT’s planned sidewalks be constructed of red, Bostonian-style bricks. Black steel hand railings on the sidewalks will resemble the current ones but be ADA-approved.

The lighted steel bollards to line the planned sidewalk on Railroad Avenue were recommended to be the style favored by survey respondents. The committee is recommending double-chained granite bollards on Main Street. Ornamental lampposts that will line Main Street will be similar to the carriage-style lights in Bath.

Town Manager Marian Anderson said she would write up the committee’s recommendations for the select board. “Don’t hesitate to add your own comments,” she said.

Before the meeting concluded, PAC member Seaver Leslie commented it might be time for the committee to “take a hiatus,” considering the select board’s recently adopted position on the project.

Other PAC members disagreed, stressing there were many other project issues to consider besides parking.

Anderson said the issue on whether or not to continuing meeting could be taken up with the select board when it meets Dec. 19.