Pemaquid Chapter DAR holds 85th celebration in home where first organized in 1932

Posted:  Monday, November 13, 2017 - 12:30pm

The November meeting of the Pemaquid Chapter, DAR was held at 11 a.m., Nov. 11, at Head Tide, in the birthplace of Edwin Arlington Robinson, one of America’s award-winning poets, and the current home of Gail and David Buczkowski.

Mrs. Liz Blake Hotchkiss, State Regent from Majabigwaduce Chapter from Brooksville, Maine, and approximately 30 guests and members from different parts of the county were present in period 1930s outfits complete with hats and gloves.

Mrs. Paula Clinton, Chaplain of the Chapter, conducted the devotional exercises.

Regent, Audrey Leeds Miller, presiding, opened the meeting with the DAR Ritual. The Ritual includes an opening prayer, Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, The America’s Creed, Preamble to the Constitution and singing of the National Anthem.

Regent Miller then gave a sincere welcome to Mrs. Hotchkiss for her support and presented her with hats and mittens from the Chapter to the State American Indian project for the children of the Penobscot Reservation.

The Chapter was then welcomed by the State Regent. Mrs. Hotchkiss expressed her gratitude for the service work being done by the Chapter and congratulations on this occasion.

A letter from Ann Turner Dillon, President General, NSDAR, Washington, D.C., sending greetings and congratulations to the Chapter in honor of this 85th anniversary and the many accomplishments of this Chapter over the years was read by Regent Miller.

Regent Miller presented Louise “Mickey” Brown with the Honorary Chapter Regent Pin and thanked her for her 10 years as regent and particularly for her outstanding volunteerism at Togus contributing over 750 hours of service to Maine’s veterans.

The Buczkowskis’ were thanked for so graciously agreeing to offer the house to the Chapter for this historic meeting. Regent Miller presented them with several thank you gifts including a large crocheted afghan throw in the colors and shape of the American Flag.

Diane Randlett, from Southport, read a poem she has written entitled, “Patriot.” It was beautifully written and read and was perfect for this Veterans Day celebration.

Sue Hochstein provided corsages for the hosts, State Regent, Regent and Vice Regent.

Clara Wentworth was thanked by Regent Miller for participating earlier in the day in the Veterans Day celebration in Wiscasset and placing a wreath at the Veterans Memorial there.

Barbara Hewitt Belknap presented a very well written, well researched history of the accomplishments of the Pemaquid Chapter over the last 85 years and provided a handout to all present for future reference. This Chapter has placed plaques on many historic buildings in Lincoln County including the Waldoboro Church, Alna Meeting House, Walpole Meeting House, Wiscasset Church, Fort William Henry and the Harrington Meeting House. Many patriot graves have been marked in cemeteries throughout the county. Good Citizen Awards have been presented to area high school students, and the DAR is known for its patriotic support for our armed forces. This Chapter returned a Thermometer to the USS Constitution in Boston where it resides to this day with a card that reads, “Presented by Pemaquid Chapter, DAR, Lincoln County, Maine.”

One of the most interesting things the Chapter Daughters have done was in 1936 and 1937 when they raised money to purchase a bell to represent the State of Maine for the Carillon in the Washington Memorial Chapel at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. They did many things to raise this money including selling a cookbook and perhaps playing cards.

Perhaps the highlight of the meeting was Barbara Belknap’s skit with four women playing cards and drinking tea. She brought her mother’s Royal Dalton tea cups and embroidered linens to set the tone. Belknap wrote the skit modeling it after the PBS TV Show, “Keeping Up Appearances” and titled it, “Keeping Up With The DAR.” Shirley Hewitt Peverly, Paula Clinton, Barbara Hewitt Belknap and Miriam Buckley gave a hilarious performance prompting laughter and smiles all around. The skit gave an overview of what the DAR is and does in a delightful way.

The meeting was adjourned and a delicious buffet luncheon followed with food prepared by members to honor the founding daughters in the 1930s. Tea sandwiches cut into various shapes included: ham salad, chicken salad, watercress, cream cheese and olive, and the unusual but tasty egg butter and asparagus sandwich. Sara Fahnley, prospective member, and owner of And Candy Too made a delicious cake with Happy 85th written on it, ginger cookies and pumpkin meringue kisses as well as a basket filled with various chocolates for the Buczkowskis. Jean Hoyenski of Waldboro provided a pretty orange punch. Everyone present sang happy birthday as the cake was cut.

A good time was had by all. Everyone went home with round tins of M&Ms stamped with the words “Pemaquid DAR” provided by Regent Miller to remember the day. Celebrating anniversaries of historical events brings about an acquaintance with our early history and often fosters a new appreciation and need for a higher sense of duty and the work it takes to protect our freedom and our constitution. All present felt the power of fellowship and commitment to continue the work of this noble service organization.