letter to the editor

Re: Hitler/Trump parallels

Mon, 05/20/2024 - 3:00pm

Dear Editor:

I'm not a history buff and have not studied Hitler and his rise to power, however, I can draw from current history and I see no parallels between Trump and Hitler.

Under the Trump administration we were energy independent, the XL pipeline was under construction,  drilling and fracking were keeping our economy humming along nicely because literally everything depends on fuel for producing and moving goods. Prices at the pump were low, groceries were affordable and “green” energy was thought of as an alternative type of energy, in addition to, not a replacement for, fossil fuel and certainly not a mandate.

On day one of the Biden administration, with a stroke of a pen, this went away. Biden canceled the XL pipeline, making us buy oil from countries that hate us. Prices at the pump, grocery prices along with inflation, soared. He embraced the “Green New Deal” where anything involving fossil fuels is labeled as bad,  but electricity is the favored power. Solar panels, that incidentally cannot be recycled, went up everywhere and wind turbines, both noisy and detrimental to wildlife are being pushed nationwide.

Under the Trump administration our borders were secure as a wall was under construction to help ensure American sovereignty. Immigration procedures were put in place and adhered to in order to secure our borders.

Under the Biden administration, the borders were cast wide open allowing millions of illegal aliens into our country. Not only was construction of the wall stopped, but the very materials stockpiled to continue it were sold off.

Under the Trump administration wars in foreign countries were not started as the world viewed America as a strong super power with dire consequences should anything detrimental change on the world stage.

Now the world views America as weak. We are sending billions of dollars to Ukraine to help fight off Russia, while our loyalty to Israel, our only ally in the Middle East, is in question.  

Like him or not, America was a lot better off when Trump was president. And the fact remains that Trump loves America and will put it back to an America we can be proud of once again. 

Barbara Britton