Reflective vests, PJ’s hits at LCHA fashion show

Sun, 10/06/2019 - 8:45am

“We’re here to survey this room. Dave and I will do our best. Continue to eat and drink, as you please. We’ll try not to be in your way.”

With that deadpan explanation in a room filled with continuous laughter – and one callout about orange barrels – inside Waters Edge in Edgecomb Saturday, Wiscasset’s Ed Kavanagh pointed across the dining room to show Dave Probert of Dresden where to go first in their surveying. Their yellow vests, serious expressions, except Probert’s breaking out in a smile, and the tripod and other surveying gear they carried into the room and worked with, made a minutes-long gag the finale to Lincoln County Historical Association’s second annual fashion show.

“There will be a year three,” and it will be even better, including adding music, event co-chair and Wiscasset summer resident Joe Zoellers said in an interview. This year’s raised about $10,000, about 30 percent more than last year’s, and had more merchants and more models, he said.

It was also easier, because they weren’t starting from scratch on forms and other work, he said. 

Before the fun finale, volunteer models had fun dressing up in vintage and today’s fashions from area merchants. Circulating the tables in a dress and hat that would work at the Kentucky Derby, Sherri Dunbar said one outfit she modeled was luxurious. It and the one she had on then were both fun as something different than her everyday wear, she said before granddaughter Natalie, also modeling, spun for a table of attendees. Event-goers asked questions and chatted with each model who came by.

Terry Wells, in pajamas, carried a toy stuffed bunny, handed out eye cream from a basket, and did leg lifts to show people the slippers in her ensemble.

Wiscasset’s Lucia Droby was all smiles in her second year modeling at the fundraiser. It was niece Sarah Droby’s first year. “I was very relieved there wasn’t a runway,” the Webster, Massachusetts woman said, smiling.