Registration open for April chainsaw safety course

Mon, 01/17/2022 - 7:45am

Join Midcoast Conservancy April 16 and 17 for this one-and-a-half day course designed for beginners at Hidden Valley Nature Center in Jefferson. Most participants have little or no experience with a chainsaw, though this course is also an effective refresher for more experienced individuals who have developed some bad habits with a saw. This is the gateway course to learning more advanced practices.

The focus of this course is overwhelmingly on safety: safe posture, safe practices, safe clothing, and safe habits. The first half day session will be mostly indoors as instructors provide some basic information about chainsaws, maintenance, safety clothing, introduce participants to good practices, and provide relevant background material. The second day is intended to be a full day of practice and application.

The goal is that each student will leave the course being keenly aware of how to evaluate practices, and equipment for safety. It is also a goal that each student will have the opportunity to operate a chainsaw in a controlled and supervised setting. Most students in the course will practice starting a saw, making straight up-and-down cuts (bucking), felling a tree, and bore cuts. Students’ interests and aptitude always dictate the extent of the course. Some Level I students will practice directional tree felling techniques, if they feel comfortable doing so.

Midcoast Conservancy does not provide overnight accommodations as a part of this workshop, but there are rustic cabins and campsites at HVNC available for rent. Students should come prepared with all the food and water they will need. Cost of course is $130 Midcoast Conservancy Members and $150 Non-members. For more information or to register, go to or email