River Room ‘4 Perspectives’

Mon, 02/27/2023 - 12:45pm

Story Location:
36 Elm Street
Damariscotta, ME 04543
United States

River Arts in Damariscotta presents “4 Perspectives” for the month of March in the River Room. A group of four artists, who create works in a variety of media including ink, assemblage, photography, paint and print making, join together to install a vibrant, uplifting show.

Wendy Clayton creates works with paint and assemblage. She says, “These paintings are from my “Ring Toss” series. In my journey as an artist, found objects inspire a dialogue for my artwork. Often, the paint is deployed in a Jackson Pollock style and does its own thing. I work to balance the picture with color, shapes and pattern, forming an implied unity. Color is light, emotive and unrestrained. Art lights up our world.”

Speaking about his paintings, photography and graphics, Gerd Koehler says, “The challenge lies between the structured and unstructured, between the values of black/white and color, rationality versus emotional. I am drawn to the conceptual, detail and granularity. Working with freedom without constraints, I am interested in finding visual solutions of the real or imagined. It is never fixed nor clearly defined.”

Lee Liggett is an abstract artist who paints the shapes he sees in his mind’s eye. Through combinations of color he strives to tickle the viewer’s imagination in hopes of causing a sense of pleasure. “I am inspired by watching someone gaze at my painting, give a knowing nod and smile.”

Helen Warner finds her inspiration in the natural world. She says, “The palette changes with the seasons and Maine’s natural beauty is an inspiration for me. Color and light greatly influence my paintings. I work in oil or alcohol ink on a variety of surfaces. I paint for the creative part of my soul and get great satisfaction from sharing my work.”

This show runs from March 2 through March 29 at 36 Elm St. in Damariscotta. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10 a.m.-4 p.m.