Selectmen approve security upgrade

Tue, 11/19/2013 - 6:30pm

    Construction on the 1,800 square foot addition to the Woolwich town office, begun in late September, is coming along fine, Woolwich Town Administrator Lynette Eastman reported.

    The new roof and windows are in place and the sewer system has been connected. The project is expected to be completed by February 2014.

    Selectmen agreed unanimously on November 18 to approve Northeast Security’s $13,790 quote to upgrade security and safety at the town office.

    Eastman said the improved systems will be installed in the entire building, including the new addition. Selectman David King said the current security and safety system is 30 years old. “The new systems will include something we never had before, fire alarms and pull stations that are required by the fire marshal,” Eastman said.

    The board also unanimously agreed to compensate Mike Ware $1,120 for a portion of his design work on the new addition. King said Ware originally donated 16 hours in design work to the town, but then unanticipated fire marshal requirements necessitated an additional 32 hours of design work and several trips to Augusta.

    “I think it’s unfair to ask him to donate all that time and effort,” King said.  King said Ware’s work had probably saved the town about $10,000 and recommended board approval.  “It’s a heck of a bargain,” he said.

    Code Enforcement Officer Bruce Engert said fire marshal and building permits for the new addition are in place.

    Engert also reported that he had received plans for a new subsurface wastewater disposal system for the Montsweag Road House.

    EMS Director William Longley Jr. reported that the state’s new EMS protocols require each ambulance to be equipped with an intravenous pump. Longley said he could purchase two used, refurbished pumps for approximately $1,000.

    “Many towns across the state are struggling with this new requirement,” Longley said.