Press release

Sen. Reny announces re-election bid for District 13

Sat, 12/23/2023 - 8:30am

    Cameron Reny, born and raised in Bristol, is seeking re-election for Senate District 13.

    “There has already been positive movement to address issues important to our district, like housing, climate resiliency, and affordable healthcare. I want to see that work continue,” said Sen. Reny. “I am proud of the progress made by working together. I’ve made so many good connections and working relationships over the past year with colleagues and constituents from both sides of the aisle, and it helps to get things done. My goal is strong communities, and a good, sustainable future for our children and grandchildren”

    Sen. Reny was elected in November 2022, and is currently serving her first term in the Maine Senate. She represents Senate District 13, which includes most of Lincoln County as well as the towns of Washington and Windsor. Reny serves as Senate Chair of the Marine Resources Committee and as a member of the Health Coverage, Insurance, and Financial Services Committee. She also serves on the Maine Climate Council as a member of the Coastal and Marine Working Group. 

    Reny grew up in a working class family in Bristol, graduated from Lincoln Academy, and received her undergraduate degree from Guilford College in North Carolina. Reny returned to Maine to continue working while earning a Master's degree in School Counseling from the University of Southern Maine. She has since spent her career working with Maine children and families as a public school counselor. 

    Reny had five bills pass and be enacted in her first year, including LD 722, An Act to Expedite the Health Insurance Referral Process for Specialists by Allowing Referrals from Urgent Care Facilities. This bill, which goes into effect January 1, 2024, addresses an issue Reny observed in her work in schools. Reny explains, “students would have a mental health crisis and red tape would prevent them from getting onto waiting lists for treatment, or even deny insurance for the desperately needed mental health services.” Other bills passed include policy changes to increase the amount of local healthy foods in school cafeterias, and funding critical, affordable housing initiatives in rural areas of Maine. More of Reny’s bills have been carried over to the upcoming session, including one to address the high price of prescription medications. 

    “I’m looking forward to the upcoming session for a few reasons,” says Reny. “I had some bills carried over that I want to keep working on. Another reason is the real chance of passing some basic gun safety bills. After the devastating Lewiston shooting, I think many of my legislative colleagues’ and constituents’ thinking on gun safety legislation has shifted, or at least softened. As a community member and a mother of young children, I want to support laws that will keep deadly weapons out of the hands of people who simply shouldn’t have them. I look forward to having that opportunity in the coming months.”